Thursday, July 23, 2015

Another report on US firearm manufacturing, this one from Business Insider. I liked the accompanying picture.

"In this photo taken Tuesday, July 21, 2015, Allen Bowles, left, and Clint Janney stand guard outside a military recruiting center in Columbus, Ohio. The men are members of the 3 Percent Irregulars Militia, and say they plan to protect the center until the government provides its own security."
In 2013, the most current statistics available, 10,884,792 guns were manufactured in the United States, a spike of more than 2 million over the previous year. (The count excludes guns manufactured for the US military.)
And here's a take on it from The Hill: Gun production has doubled under Obama

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Shawn said...

Wonder how many more were imported. Same thing goes for how much ammunition has been produced an important in the past couple years and how much we've been buying up.