Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I'm sure that M-13, the Bloods and the Crips will all turn theirs in now.

LA City Council OKs Ban On High-Capacity Gun Magazines


Anonymous said...

On the lighter side, MS-13 gang members will be easy to ID, target and take out when the time is right. They wear their ID tattooed on their skin. We can add a 'period' hole right at center of mass.

Will said...

The last time those LA idiots legislated against magazines, they lost all the movie and tv business that used anything more than revolvers (westerns, mostly). Now they are filmed in Canada, or overseas, for the most part.

The firearm prop houses sold off most all their gear in the late 90's, due to the tax on those magazines that was part of that law they imposed. I read that when they were informed that they were going to hurt the entertainment industry, they revised the law so it was even worse.

Uncle Elmo said...

A unanimous vote, 12-0. No surprise.

A few years ago, when several new restrictions (including the lead free ammo ban) were working their way through the process, I attended a Public Safety Committee hearing chaired by homosexual assemblyman Tom Ammiano (the sponsor of the 'use whatever bathroom you feel like using' law). Testifying in favor of these new laws were two L.A. Deputy Sheriffs who said their department supported the new laws. I wasn't surprised, just disgusted that these two were in uniform and had been sent and paid for by their department to infringe on my rights.

California is beyond doomed.