Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Panic in Pittsburgh: Media Struggling to Ignore Black Mob Violence.

"If you wanted to teach a baby a lesson, would you cut its head off? Of course not. You'd paddle it. . . I told you that 'juvenile delinquent' is a contradiction in terms. 'Delinquent' means 'failing in duty.' But duty is an adult virtue — indeed a juvenile becomes an adult when, and only when, he acquires a knowledge of duty and embraces it as dearer than the self-love he was born with. There never was, there cannot be a 'juvenile delinquent.' But for every juvenile criminal there are always one or more adult delinquents — people of mature years who either do not know their duty, or who, knowing it, fail." -- Lt. Col. Jean V. Dubois (Ret.), in Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein.
From the "If You Don't Notice It, It Will Go Away" School of Unreality.

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Anonymous said...

Stupid is as Stupid does. Problem with this story is does the saying only to one, or both? My guess would would be all three, the mob, the media, and all those who can't think for they're self's.