Wednesday, July 22, 2015

"Black Lives Matter" . . . unless you're a member of the abortion death cult.

More black babies aborted than born in New York City


Josh said...

Note that not one word is ever said about black on black violence in the controlled media as far as statistics. Most every city in America with a large black populace suffers a murder a day, often more, on top of all the abortions. Oh sure it gets the mention on the nightly news locally, but as an everyday occurrence the sheeple are inured to the crime, numb and careless or even supportive. As many of the murders are criminal upon criminal, who cares? The very revs Al and Jesse also do not touch upon this 20,000 pound gorilla in the room either. For they support the covert war on blacks - where blacks murder other blacks, by abortion or other methodology. Not only does this covert war greatly reduce the black population, it can also be used to eventually disarm the country or even declare martial law - as "the only just means to reduce black on black crime".

Anonymous said...

"Black Lives Matter".....

Only if "The Justice Bros." (Revs Al & Jesse) can figure out how to make a buck over the corpse.

Bad Cyborg said...

Just for grins and giggles I looked at the numbers for Black (Non-Hispanic) pregnancies versus all pregnancies and those of other ethnic groups. The results are a tad grim. They breakdown as follows:

NYC Abortion Rates 2013
abortion rate = total results/abortions X 100
total = live births+ miscarriages (spontaneous terminations) + abortions (induced terminations)

total 202,365
aborted 69,840
rate 35.51%

total 60,057
aborted 21,555
rate 35.89%

Asian & Pacific Islander
total 25227
abortions 4,615
rate 18.29

Non-Hispanic White
total 51,821
aborted 9,422
rate 18.18%

Non-Hispanic Black
total 56,165
aborted 29007
rate 51.65%

Total pregnancies NYC 202,365
% of total pregnancies black(N-H) 27.75%
Total abortions NYC 69840
% of total abortions black(N-H) 41.53%

So while Blacks comprise a mere 27.75% OF THE TOTAL pregnancies, they have over 41% of the abortions. Not only were more black babies aborted in NYC in 2013 than were born (1.2 TIMES as many), but MOST of the Black pregnancies reported were aborted! (51.65%)

DO "Black Lives Matter" in New York City? Really?