Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Stories differ in Douglas County Confederate flag flap

Bush said he fishtailed while trying to drive away, then ran over a median and got a flat tire. When he pulled into a nearby driveway, the partygoers swarmed and made threats, and his friends backed him up, he said. “Basically about eight of us had to hold 15 to 20 of them back,” Bush said, admitting that a specific racial slur was likely used by members of his group.

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Anonymous said...

Just a few items don't sound right here,if we are to believe this guy, and the party goers were the aggressors, then the people at the party must have come to that child's birthday party looking for a fight. I say this because I also live on a busy street where occasionally some jerk will drive by yelling something or otherwise showing off idiocy, and since I didn't expect them, had no time to react,i.e. pick up rocks and throw them before the jerks where out of range. The truth is that these swell guys probably drove past a couple of times and were expected.
The next issue is,"I fishtailed". REALLY? When is time last time any of you reading this "fishtailed" on dry asphalt as you just drove down the road minding your own business, especially with antilock brakes.
Last was this guy Bush's somewhat indecisive answer as to where the proceeds went, he says they go to help veterans, or to buy flags for those in need. Maybe someone should ask,"What veterans? Who have you helped? Could you show us some of the people in need you've given American Flags to?" Hopefully he is doing what he says with the proceeds, since lying about helping those who have served would put him in the running for the biggest POS of the year.
I have an idea for this peace loving group of morons, since selling confederate battle flags at a black kid's birthday party was such a hit,maybe ya'll should try selling nazi flags at a Synagogue or the Anne Frank museum, think of all the veterans you could help then.