Saturday, July 25, 2015

Now they figure it it out? "The alternative is a .50-cal and harsh language."

US Army: Strykers Need Bigger Gun to Fight Russia


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, I couldn't help but think of Aliens when I saw the "harsh language" bit:

Random fact: James Cameron, who directed Aliens and wrote the screenplay, cited Heinlein's Starship Troopers as a major influence. Of course, one of the themes of that fine novel is that it's best not to have idiots as "deciders."

Allen said...

I have read that Bradley AFV's were getting frontal-armor kills on T-72's in iraq with 25mm DU ammo..through the front armor, through the fighting compartment, through the rear firewall, and into the engine. now, these were likely not up-armored models that the russians are using, but it's still quite respectable.

what they need is a fast, small amphibious minitank armed with a 25mm gun and javelins. sort of an ONTOS or a Weisel. perhaps use the howe & howe "ripsaw" track technology.

Anonymous said...

' "The alternative is a .50-cal and harsh language," Hasik quipped. '

My high school calculus teacher had been a Sherman gunner early in WWII in Normandy. He described the sheer joy of watching a 75mm round bounce off the rear armor of a Tiger and then watching the Tiger's 88mm turret start to traverse while their driver tried his damndest to get the Sherman behind some kind of cover. Sometimes they made it. Sometimes the 88 opened the Sherman up like a can opener.

Funny how the US Army always seems to be behind the power curve yet somehow seems to pull it off..... so far.