Thursday, July 30, 2015

Confederate flag rally shooting suspect arrested on gun charges

A novel defense: Boswell stated, “I had no part in the shooting.” He went on to say, “I never shot, I love white people. I have a white baby mamma.”


Roger said...

"His previous charges include, Aggravated Battery (x2), Failure to Appear (x4), Residential Burglary, Resisting arrest (x2), Driving While License Revoked (x5), Obstruction by Disguised Person, False Name to LEO, Possession of Cocaine (x3), Possession of Marijuana (x3), Domestic Battery (x2), Strong-arm Robbery, Possession of Cocaine with Intent to Distribute, Open Container (x2), Flee and Elude (x2), Violation of Probation, Possession of Narcotic Equipment, Disorderly Conduct, and DUI. On Friday, he was charged with Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon."


Anonymous said...

Such a rich and vibrant culture.

bitter clinging Texan said...

Most of those charges are for things that shouldn't even be illegal though

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the comment.
"Such a rich and vibrant culture"
Made me smile.

Anonymous said...

If you think about it, this character (who I for one do not believe one word from) was one step away from Dylan Roof.

He was there, he was armed, he had reason to hate, but he failed to follow through.

And THAT -follow through- is the only thing making him any different from Roof.