Monday, July 27, 2015

"The Number Of Guns Made Has Doubled During Obama's Years In Office -- Here's Why."

“Part of what happened to CNN is what happened to Hollywood. The news, like Hollywood, became trapped in creating and fawning over celebrities. Getting Anderson Cooper publicized became more important than breaking the big story. When you have celebrity reporters telling you how they feel about being in Iraq instead of reporting on how our troops are doing you begin to lose perspective. With guns, instead of going to gun ranges, gun-owner’s homes, instead of interviewing women who’d stopped an attacker, and instead of really trying to understand the world such women live in and what they’re going through, they just tell us how they feel. Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, and the rest are stars, not reporters. They’re not hunting for the truth. They’re telling you what they think and what they think all comes from the cocktail parties on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and from conversations with other reporters.”


Anonymous said...

Bentley backed down. Good job, sir. 100 heads.

Anonymous said...

Check this shit out.

Obama: Guns a Greater Threat Than Terrorism

Anonymous said...

Senator Manchin: ‘Use The Weight Of The Government’ For Better Gun Control

Anonymous said...

Many, many, many moons ago it was reported that a woman at a very upscale cocktail party in Manhattan was overheard saying that she had no idea how Richard M. Nixon could have been elected president because no on she knew had voted for him. Seems like things don't change much inside the upper class liberals' echo chamber.

Anonymous said...

On Manchin -
The Democrats tried the trite gameplan of going hard left with legislation we know we will never get passed and then have a more moderate bill lying in wait to fall "back" to, calling it compromise.
Feinstein brought out her ban bill, with Manchin Toomey laying in the background. Ted Cruz nailed Dianne so perfectly that the through and through destroyed manchin Toomey as well. One shot - two kills.
Manchin is created as a "moderate" when he is just another democrat traitor bent on snatching away your rights by conning you out of them. The attempt was made to show that HE is PREIDENTIAL, that he can accomplish the gun control Obama could not.
Why are dems left with Hillary now? Because Ted Cruz foiled their plans by just asking Dianne Feinstein a straight up question in a setting she HAD to answer.

More should do so. It Works. Celebrity culture works for ratings.....ratings can be transferred into opposition and opposition can even win elections. However, opposition cannot LEAD. Obama and democrats have shown that nicely. Celebrity news is a huge mistake - except for that point.....proof is in the pudding.

Anonymous said...

Could sleepyheads be waking up in droves?

Majority Of Americans Now See Guns As The Solution To Mass Shootings:


Arkindole said...

Miniter's level of twig bending confirms to me, once again, why these elitists exist. I'm glad he mentioned that he still writes for the NRA. He would do well crafting children's large print books, or perhaps making powerpoints for the US chamber of commerce.

Anonymous said...

If the truth be known all of the AR & AK's being bought ain't just being brought for hunting nor "self" defense purposes, don't ya know!