Thursday, July 30, 2015

Judge threatens IRS chief with contempt

From The Hill: Even the black robes are getting fed up with being lied to.
See also at Judicial Watch: "Federal Judge Threatens To Hold IRS Commissioner, DOJ Lawyers in Contempt of Court over Lerner."


Anonymous said...

Blah blah. This just more BS that will go nowhere fast...The Empire doesn't bend a knee to individuals on high horse even if they are Judges....the IRS scoffs at this guy. He can expect a rather thorough audit really soon..FED GOV and its agents do what they want, the Constitution is long dead and forgotten..The communists really did win already, people just wont open their eyes and accept that fact..Until real patriot stop jousting windmills to make themselves feel good and realize that the first American Revolution waasn't a kids tea party play date like they are treating these days,its only going to get worse..Revolution requires full investment into the cause, full conviction into the principles of Law and Liberty, and is not a fair weather, start it up, and a do over when i run out of extra lives game... There doesn't exist in America these days enough people to comprise even the 3% anymore....

Sorry Mike, you are counting on people of character and principle that simply dont exist as long as they have a measure of comfort in their standard of living, its all just internet blather and theory to most of your subscribers, otherwise this abortion of a Constitutional Republic would NOT be in the rotten corpse it is. the Founding Fathers were obviously much better men than exist today.

Sign me Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

Threats, schments.
I wanna see "perp walks".
I won't believe any of the legislative or judicial branches are serious about the IRS (or DOiJ, SecState, Red Shed, etc) until I see some Graybar Slammin' and hear a little "Jail House Rock" on these elitists.

B Woodman

CowboyDan said...

"the Founding Fathers were obviously much better men than exist today."

No doubt that's true for the most part. Think, though, of how few men from the era we know the names of. Perhaps that's because they were very few in number, perhaps it's due to the instinct for self preservation being strong enough that they didn't often put their names to paper.

There are such men today; I am sure of that. I've met a few. I don't count myself among their number, but when the SHTF, I may surprise myself as much as anyone else.