Friday, July 24, 2015

A "distraction", eh? Wait'll he gets a load of US.

ALDOT: Complaints over Alabama rest area ‘gun free zones’ are a ‘distraction,’ AG reviewing
After multiple requests for comment were ignored, Yellowhammer was contacted Wednesday by ALDOT spokesperson Tony Harris, who said readdressing the policy is not currently a priority for the agency, although he acknowledged they had received some public opposition to the gun free zones. “We don’t want this to be a distraction for us,” said Harris. “You can probably imagine we have a lot of issues we deal with day in and day out.”


markofafreeman said...

Hey, Mike, I have a suggestion for any good ole fashioned armed civil disobedience. At least in terms of planning. Glenn Beck will be having his 8/28 event in Birmingham this year. How about planning to show up at rest stops openly armed on 8/27? Surely there is plenty of crossover between Glenn Beck listeners and threepers (though I know he's certainly not universally loved, especially after his treatment of the Bundy affair).

I'm not suggestion that we piggy back on Beck's event itself, just take advantage of the fact many like minded people are much more likely to be in the area around that time.

Haven't decided what I'm doing, yet. Just took some time off work, so not sure I can do it again in August. Will try to make it, but if I do, I will likely be in the area a day or two before Beck's event.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Alabama's neighbors to the west learn once again about the dangers of "gun free zones" as a 'crazy son of a bitch' shoots up another theater. Two innocents dead. Nine hospitalized. Coward takes his own life. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Sipsey Street Irregulars

The Faves

Anonymous said...

“prescribe any reasonable rules and regulations...."

And there, Boys and Girls is the nut of the problem. Even after Heller and McDonald there are bureaucrats in the USA who still see the infringement of a Civil Right as "reasonable".

This is where the phrase "strict scrutiny" needs to be attached to the established precedent, and SCOTUS is probably the only venue that can do it.

Anonymous said...

These bureaucrats really live in a delusional world. They probably think they can walk on water too. And their delusion keeps them from realizing that there are people keeping track of who these guys are and what their positions on issues were, which in turn can make them a friend or a foe. And the day may come when people will have an axe to grind with the "foes"

Anonymous said...

Not knowing whether to defecate or go blind, the AG adopts the position of staying on the toilet in hopes it will just pass. Pun intended. Re-election prospects need to be rousted by the good people of Alabama.

Anonymous said...

"Not currently a priority for the agency". . . .
Well, I guess it will be a priority to any and all ALabama III-pers to MAKE it a priority to disobey (WWNC) this blatantly illegal REGULATION (not law).

"although he acknowledged they had received some public opposition to the gun free zones."
Gee, how nice of you to notice and BARELY acknowledge the little people, the ones who pay taxes, and therefore, your salary.

“We don’t want this to be a distraction for us,”
In other words, nothing that we want you to see here, move along. We, the ALDOT, are hoping the fuss will die down quickly, and the regulation will stay in place anyway. All so that we can spring illegal "GOT'CHA" searches, tickets, fines, arrests, and seizures - all to thereby fatten our bureaucracy budget and management end-of-year bonuses.

May I suggest to all Alabama III-pers, these acts of defiance (WWNC):
1-if you think you can do so in safety (anonymity), remove those ILLEGAL signs. What you do with them afterwards, I leave to your imagination.
2-take a picture (selfie?) of yourself, openly armed, in front of these signs. Do not include your car, license plate, or any other ID, need to maintain anonymity (pics from neck down?). Post these pics somewhere (Mike, are you up for posting pics of this?)

All in all, have fun, but be safe.
B Woodman

MikeH. said...

I guess the ALDOT folks have never read section 26 of the Alabama State Constitution, which is short, sweat and to the point. And, it doesn't require a legal dream team to determine its meaning or intent.

A Geriatric Threeper

Anonymous said...

About 45 minutes ago Bentley told ALDOT to remove the signs.

Anonymous said...

Why, yes, of course! After all, this is merely a Constitutional right at stake; having to do with the preservation of the life of vulnerable travelers. Can't possibly be as important as patching pot-holes and ticketing drivers.

Backwoods Engineer said...

You know, if they "have a lot of issues we deal with day in and day out", then they shouldn't have taken the civil rights of Alabamians under color of law.

I repeat my offer to give you a) pictures of the signs in the rest areas on I-85, and/or b) show up for a "We Will Not Submit" rally there.

Anonymous said...

I see a very peaceful armed get together happening very soon at a rest stop near you!