Thursday, July 23, 2015

Another alternate universe heard from: "Reckless gun-toting civilians should stay away from military recruiting centers."

Collectivists wetting their panties over armed citizenry.


Anonymous said...

That's funny.
Maybe the twisted pantie wetters should make a proclamation, "Reckless gun-toting muzzie jihadis should stay from military recruiting centers".
That would be a whole lot more applicable, as the muzzie jihadis have shot and killed more military recruiters than ordinary law abiding civilians.
The second proclamation would be listened to and obeyed just as equally as the first (in other words, NOT).

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Huh, I wonder why YAEL T. ABOUHALKAH might not want armed defenders anywhere near possible US military targets.

Anonymous said...

Ask and they shall receive, knucklehead has a ND in parking lot "protecting" the troops...


the Plinker said...

The Chattanooga attack happened because the musloid perp figured there'd be no opposition to his initial assault. Somehow, I don't think the scumbags will attack where they're likely to face an armed response. Though I wish otherwise.

Informed42 said...

Here's my reply to veteran friend's email telling me about civilians protecting

The way a lot of the ones I’ve seen at Recruiting Offices are acting, they’re going to get themselves and probably others killed. Standing around outside and having arm chairs and coolers and shit is kind of stupid. Too obvious and too vulnerable to attack. A couple of guys driving by could take them out in less than 2 minutes.

One thing I learned about terrorists is that they do their homework !!
They gather intel for long periods of time if necessary, then they plan their attacks. They pick the time, place, method of attack, ways into the area and ways out of it if they plan to escape afterwards.
They may even have additional manpower on site that isn’t seen until it joins the engagement.
I’m not saying the citizens trying to protect the recruiters are stupid, just that they seem to be doing things in knee jerk fashion without giving them much thought.

Against terrorists, that’ll get you dead real quick.

Steady Steve said...

From the authors name we might guess he is one of "Mo's morons". Of course he would be against armed citizens protecting these service members. Makes it hard for a terrorist to do his job with someone shooting back! Remember, a radical Muslim wants to cut your head off, and a moderate Muslim wants a radical Muslim to cut your head off.

FedUp said...

Well, it would be nice if the reckless ones stayed away

TimeHasCome said...

Here is another link of a soldier leaving the mall with a legal AR15 and now charged with terrorizing the public.......

Anonymous said...

If I show up they won't know I'm armed, because my gun will be concealed.

- Old Greybeard