Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Christie’s Bullying Tirade Deflects from Having to Answer Tough Questions on Guns

The bottom line is, we can continue accepting opportunistic and meaningless political platitudes, and letting “progressive” agenda outlets like CNN and HuffPo and Gannett Company papers shape public attitudes on candidate gun positions, or we can realize all they’re doing is redefining the middle so anyone to the right can be portrayed as an extremist. Back to Christie — for all his posturing and “tearing into” and “firing back” and “countering,” and for all his bullying of a citizen in a forum he’s a master at performing in, he knows he doesn’t dare answer my specific questions, or yours.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't vote for Christie for dogcatcher. He is well into his second term as the NJ Governor and they still have some of the most draconian gun laws. He blames his democrat legislature. I'll admit, he has pardoned several folks charged with violating some of those laws. I'll give him that.

- Old Greybeard

Unknown said...

I hope he isn't... but could the questioner
be a plant to give cristie a string of 'pro
gun' things to call out to prove he's NOT
what he is?

If the pro gun guy really was pro gun, he just
got a lesson on how politicians can play their
game, supported by the media.

If cristie gets a serious run going, I bet you
will see this exchange again - to convince the
Fudds to vote for him.

Uncle Elmo said...

I trust political opportunist Chrispy Cream about as far as I can throw him.

(Full disclosure: I'm 5'7", 180 pounds, 64 years old, and suffer from Low-T.)

Anonymous said...

Christie is not worth the air and space he takes up. New Jersey's draconian gun laws have not changed, one iota , under his watch. Just another irritating , control freak with a big mouth, that spews verbal diarrhea. He is no friend of the 2nd Amendment. None of them are. Just another reason why the whole system ,needs to be torn down. Where the domestic enemy's of the Founder's Republic. All should be given a non-refundable, one way, ticket to hell. Behind enemy lines. In Unconstitutional, collectivist, Ct. We will never Comply ,nor Stand Down.AAA/O, 11B20. Now Ct,Governor [D]im Witt Dannel Malloy and his commissar's ,are going to impose a mileage tax on motor vehicles , using GPS ,to track our mileage on a yearly basis. This on top of Ct's gas tax ,highest in the nation. But us sheeple, lemming's, and goyium ,should not worry cause this new tax $ .Is going to be put in a locked box. And only being used for high way and road repairs. $'s collected from hunting and fishing, licenses and gear has for years.Been absconded by the General Fund. In violation of federal law . Telling these control freaks to Fuck - Off ,is not satisfying enough. Their collectivist paradise has usurped ,the Founder's Republic.!!! How much tyranny must we swallow ?