Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Obama pushing for ‘largest gun grab in American history’: NRA

So what are all those "A Rated" NRA politicians going to DO about it?


Sean said...

Picking off the weaker and more helpless in the herd, is the beginning of the wolf pack massacre. This won't be his last grab, and his aim is to get the young and healthy ones too.

Anonymous said...

What are all those NRA A rated politicians going to do about it? Nothing.

Anonymous said...

Keep talking sh!t barry. Last year was a record year for our company in gun sales. Barry flaps his pie hole and gun and ammo sales go up up up. I'd like to thank barry for the brisk sales and record breaking profit our company has enjoyed.

Anonymous said...

"I will not comply" Only method that works.

Oh wait. Voting works also. /s


Anonymous said...


Who's going to volunteer to go out an confiscate guns from a terminally ill cancer patient who's not thinking all that clearly?

I believe "Absolved" starts out with The Man messing around with someone who has nothing to lose and the ability to select his own sideboys to pipe him into the next life.... lots & lots of sideboys.

In one of Mat Bracken's novels an elderly WWII vet at a roadblock decides the kevlar helmets he sees at a roadblock are on some of the Werhmacht he fought 50 year prior. The results were spectacular to say the least.

Any chance of something like that happening for real?

Maybe they'll get some guy like the big beefy fella who body slammed the grandmother in New Orleans during Katrina.

But I can't see anyone with any respect for himself or his uniform volunteering to be in one of those stacks.