Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Supporters guard Alcoa Armed Forces Career Center.

Many of them are veterans themselves. Some are members of a group called the Three Percenters. Their website describes them as “promoting liberty, freedom and a constitutional government restrained by law.”


Allen said...

it's happening here in NH too




Anonymous said...

But who's guarding the unarmed from the crazed among the 3%ers. Are the armed vigilantes policing themselves? If I were a local, I'd demand a no demonstration buffer.

Miles said...

Mike, have either you or David been able to re-establish contact with the CPD Sgt?

There are now several different venues reporting that one, or two, Marine/Navy personnel engaged the shooter.

Anonymous said...

TN State Senator Frank Niceley tweeted an outstanding response to this trend:

"In a twist to recent controversies, Southern States' militias arming quickly to defend Federal (Union) troops."

Niceley has generally been a friend to gun rights, but this was outstanding!