Saturday, July 25, 2015

The poor, frustrated petulant manchild.

Obama admits US gun laws are his 'biggest frustration'


idahobob said...

Poor baby!


GaryM said...

Must be nice to be frustrated by constitutional amendments. No worries at all about porous boarders and the useless agreement with Iran.

Anonymous said...

Life is tough but, tougher when you out smart yourself, at many turns. Most still pray for divine intervention, but the good Lord may prove it better to let somethings self correct before applying the hammer of, "Just-Us".

Anonymous said...

Ask him if he would like fries and a soda to go with that big ole "frustration sandwich".

Maxwell said...

It's satisfying, to be sure. But personally, I wish he was frustrated about far, far more.

Anonymous said...

As Ron Paul says, there are only four federal crimes in the Constitution, and murder isn't one of them. So the crime of murder - even mass killings - is a state's rights issue.

Not that there's such a thing as collective rights or ownership, such that a state can own something on behalf of a collective. Consistent free market ideology recognizes only individual rights.

Any belief in collective rights, if followed to its logical conclusion, justifies all the horrors of communism.