Friday, July 24, 2015

Funding the evil death cult.

"The 41 Companies That Donate Directly to Planned Parenthood Will Shock You."


Anonymous said...

"Evil Death Cult"? The internal hyperbole feedbacks may need some adjusting.

Anonymous said...

anyone that's "awake" should have been boycotting most of these companies all along, as they all have been involved in a larger dumbing-down, eugenics policy for many years...leave these companies for the zombies to patronize as much as possible..

Sean said...

Didn't surprise me at all. Companies that routinely suck the life out of people can hardly be expected to show any restraint when it comes to murdering them.

Anonymous said...

Might want to contact these companies and verify whether they ever have, or currently still, contribute to PP. If they used to contribute, when did they stop?
Someone already has contacted two of these companies, and found out they either never did contribute to PP, or stopped long time ago.
I don't know how this list was made, but it can't hurt to double check.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

More at ChristianStatesOfAmerica

Anonymous said...

United Way? They have been supporting abortions for over 30 yrs ... I always objected when they came to any company meeting trying to get people to give. They always denied knowledge of this at the meetings.

Anonymous said...

Update- 07 24 2015 1300
At least one of these companies have said that they didn't give DIRECTLY to Planned Parenthood, but merely MATCHED any employee contributions to the murderous organization. That carries no weight with me.
I stand by my article as posted.-NotMe