Saturday, July 25, 2015

You know, despite my deeply held and perfectly justifiable skepticism of all politicians, I find myself really starting to like this guy.

Ted Cruz Takes Gloves Off, Slams “Liar” Lawmaker In Unprecedented Move From Senate Floor


Uncle Elmo said...

I've liked him ever since he embarrassed Di-Fi in that committee hearing several years ago, and made her look like a 12 year old. She wasn't about to let a rookie Senator lecture HER on the Constitution. She'd been a Senator for 30-something years!!! (Which I guess she figures makes her an expert on the Constitution.)

Meanwhile, he sat there calmly and let her make a complete fool of herself. It was a thing of beauty.

Anonymous said...

Well if you like that, you are going to love Cruz playing with Code Pink like maestro over this Iran stupidity.

Cruz is a damn shrewd operater when it comes to the likes of Trump. He backs Trump until The Donald bows out or is forced out due to some manufactured scandal. Then while Trump collects his consolation prize money, (of which I have no doubt was his gamble all along), Cruz collects his fanbase. Easy peezy.

Anonymous said...

Yeh! Now watch how the establishment punishes Ted.

Anonymous said...

Just because one congresscritter says out loud what we all know to begin with, doesn't mean he's the answer to the US problems. However, I'll give him credit for daring to challenge the scumbag status quo of the US Congress.

Crustyrusty said...

We take our small victories where we can?

Anonymous said...

Ironic eh? The one guy in this race who puts the constitution first is willing to overlook part of it to be president - the part directly targeting a person just like him - not born in this country and not born to two citizen parents. I predict he will be president and that he will do great things for this nation and her people. But that will never change the fact that he is no more eligible than the current usurper in office today.
So be it I suppose. But two more things bother me - first is his bar member ship and second is his wife's status as a Goldman Sacs fat cat.
There is much to beware with Cruz and it's prudent to call him on those points.

Anonymous said...

thank you Anonymous 2:48 for the reminders (Article II and the wife)

I don't find myself liking him .

DAN III said...

Cruz is no different than soetoro-obama. Like Barry Cruz IS NOT a natural born citizen. Thus, under Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the USC he cannot be POTUS.

But that didn't stop soetoro-obama did it ?

The Constitution is dead.

The borders no longer function.

The nation is dying.

DAN III said...

Anonymous @ 2:48 am. You're spot on re: Cruz. I'm no Cruz fanboy.

Cruz IS NOT a natural born citizen. That is why "Constitutional" Cruz never challenged soetoro-obama's illegitimacy.

One cannot trust a single thing by any scoundrel emanating from D.C.

Anonymous said...

Cruz it is boys and girls!

The establishment.... the media..... Everybody, are so scared of Cruz that they use his face to promote their causes and events but never give him air time. Because they understand the value of truth and facts, stated before the American people. They don't want American's making decisions, they want to make those decisions for the American people.


Because he is a contemporaneous constitutional speaker, that they cannot shut up or shut down. They like to win all the arguments and he doesn’t let them, which causes them to sputter and make funny noises in their attempts to destroy him but they can't. So it's much safer not to allow him to be seen by the public.


He speaks every day and just how many seconds are you allowed to see or hear? There is a reason for that.

CruzMissile said...

How can I tell that Ted Cruz is lying? His mouth is moving. The problem our republic is facing is that WE THE PEOPLE have fucked it up by creating career politicians. They will say whatever we want to hear,because they need us to re-elect them.

If we are really serious about turning our republic around, we need to fire both parties. There is no difference between the dempolicans and the repucrats. Once they are back in office, they will not give a flying fuck about the citizenry nor their oath of office. They will go back to cater to the special interests that keep the millions of dollars flowing.

Vic Cruz-Saez

HappyClinger said...

Wolf in sheep's clothing is Cruz: First, not a NBC. Second, wife is on Council on Foreign Relations. Third, wife is (or was, until hubs decided to run for pres) 2nd in command at Goldman-Sachs, promoted to that position in late 2012. Could he be more in bed with globalists and other corporate interests? I think not.