Thursday, July 30, 2015

SEAL Team 6 by the Numbers.

I once ran into a guy who scoffed at the concept of the armed citizenry standing up to the armed forces of the federal government, saying, "They'll just 'Seal Team 6' your ass." I admitted that it wouldn't even take ST6 to kill my ass, but I observed how little that would get the PTB in a "decapitation" strategy. And, apart from the many other factors in a civil war scenario that would make that a much less scary proposition than he imagined, we now know just how pitifully small ST6 really is. As formidable as they are, there ain't that many of them.
But pick up the new GAO report on special operations forces, and there’s the information on page 46: As of fiscal year 2014, Development Group had a total of 1,787 authorized positions, of which 1,342 are military and 445 are civilian.


Anonymous said...

The most important point of keeping guns is not to fight off the military, or SWAT, or even a lone Barney Fife with only one round in his shirt pocket.

The most important point of keeping guns is to keep OFA from morphing into the SA. We have a surplus of wannabe thugs who have been steeped in the toxic brew of class warfare/racial injustice marxism that has dominated the political, educational, and cultural spheres for the last thirty years. If not for their justified fear of being shot dead in the average suburban neighborhood, Obama would have had these midnight basketballers march us off to camps years ago.

Pericles said...

The real numbers are even more telling - most of what they reported as DEVGRU are really the instructors and trainers for all SEAL activities. A SEAL platoon is 16 men and the operational part of DEVGRU (SEAL Team 6) has 8 platoons. For the mathematically challenged, that is less than 150 "operators" that are deployable at any one time.

The sheer scale of the US serves as its own deterrent to military occupation. For example, floating down the Rio Grande from El Paso to Brownesville along the Mexican border is farther than a drive from Berlin to Moscow.

Deploying 500 bad ass operators are not even a drop in that bucket.

Anonymous said...

"Deploying 500 bad ass operators are not even a drop in that bucket."

And of course we haven't even mentioned their assumption that none of said operators will honor their oaths and refuse support the Federal Government's attempt to subjugate it's own people.

We've all seen maps showing the breakdown of the so called red and blue states. Sometimes the so called swing states are in purple. But if you search a little bit you will find maps that show the USA broken down by congressional district or better yet by voting precinct. What those show is a red country with geographically small and isolated though densely populated blue blotches.

The map I would like to see is one that overlaid the precinct map with the home towns of America's actively serving military and surviving veterans. I don't think you're going to see that map provided by the current administration or published by the main stream media.

Because I think it would show that America's military and former military come predominately from those red areas. It seems odd for some to assume that our "red" military folks would support the "blue" enclaves in any attempt to violently suppress their own families and neighbors.

I will leave any conclusions to be drawn from the above to the reader.

Anonymous said...

they will be too busy saving their ass to worry about mine when the SHTF

j said...

I doubt you could find even ONE SEAL who would bow down to a tyrant and turn against his fellow Americans. Not one.

Anonymous said...

expect most of the military would "support and defend" the constitution (at least I hope so). Really have to worry about all the jack boots in the federal agencies. Why do you think the dept of education has SWAT teams. Feds know all the federal gestapos can be counted on to serve their masters, not the citizens.