Wednesday, July 22, 2015

That old "reset button" of Hillary's.

Russia Threatens War If Sweden Joins NATO


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'd call that bluff. There is not a lot of love in the former satellite countries for Russia, and I am thinking it would not be an optimal time in Russia's timeline to pick a fight with all of NATO.

Anonymous said...

Wait. . . what? Haven't Russia and Sweden been at odds before, sayyy. . . immediately after WWII?
If I remember correctly (and I could be wrong), Russia "annexed" Sweden. And Sweden proved to such a WWNC (We Will Not Comply) pain in the ass that Russia eventually "let" Sweden have their independence "back".

NB - those words in quote marks "xx" are meant as sarcasm.
I have no fear for Sweden's future independence if they do decide to join the now spineless NATO.

B Woodman

Soffitrat said...

Our amateurs won't be happy until (and unless) they start a shooting war. How many millions will die in the next European debacle?

Anonymous said...

More Lies about Russia! Nowhere in his article does Putin "Threaten Sweden with War"...Nowhere!

ag42b said...

Russia cannot abide a nearby nation which does not wish to be under its "benevolent" umbrella. Sweden has been a neutral, non-nuclear armed nation for many years. During the Winter War, when the Soviet Union attacked Finland, Sweden sent elements of volunteer troops into Finland. They fought mostly in northern Finland, as troops allied to them. During World War 2, Sweden again remained neutral, although both sides has plans for invading it, to secure or shut off the flow of natural resources, ores, and finished products. In more recent times, Sweden has had its territory violated by aircraft and submarines from the Soviet Union, and now Russia. Sweden deterred invasion during World War 2 by raising a million soldier army. That deterred either side from invading. Warfare is more sophisticated today. Although Sweden produces world class aircraft and coastal submarines, their numbers are not enough to stop a determined Russian assault. Their military has been cut to pay for social programs for immigrants. If they wish to keep the bear out of the tent, they may have to take steps to join NATO.