Friday, July 24, 2015

Taliban in blackface help recruit for the Klan. Filthy collectivist grave robbing ghouls attack Nathan Bedford Forrest's resting place.

"Impatient protesters begin digging up Confederate general’s grave — themselves!"
See also: Council begins process of removing Nathan Bedford Forrest’s remains.
My thoughts on this type of racist collectivist cultural cleansing have already been expressed here.
LATER: But really, what is the functional difference between the Memphis hysteria and this?


skybill said...

Hi Mike,
I had some trouble opening those two vids..... no matter. Every picture tells a story. The one you posted says all!! Funny how that goes,.....I don't see any "WHITE" people in this "Grave Robbery!!!" Do I really have to say anything else?? "When the going gets tough, Political Correctness (PC) is useless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Got Gunz...............OUTLAW!!,
(it's not a question anymore!!!)
PS When I die, I will be cremated, and my "Skydivin'" friends will take my ashes up high in the sky on a final free fall and let my spirit fly to the four corners of the compass up where the Eagles and Falcons Fly!!! If any miscreants like those you posted a photo of want to "desecrate MY grave," ...............they will have to,"Piss Up A Rope!!" because that will be the only way they will be able to get to me!!!!!!!!!!!
PSS The "Rope" will be the one around their skinny neck, kinda' like the one depicted on our old Nazi buddy Julius Streicher who got to dance the "Hangman's Jig" for 10+ minutes at Nuremberg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's quite a sendup you have planned. I applaud.
But, alas, unless they intend to take you very high indeed, I'm afraid your ashes will be commanded by gravity, like all of us.

Regarding the 'Taliban in blackface', I think one has to give some credit to the political theater involved. I would think Mike and others here would do so, even if they disagree, given theirpenchant for such theater in Nevada, Washington, and elsewhere.

Anonymous said...


As you stated in your comments in Birmingham...

Judge for yourself compare the videos:

Anonymous said...

Drive by paintball gunz. No deaths, but enough "ouches" to make even the brain dead "Taliban in blackface" think twice before repeating their grave desecrating actions.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

What they are doing is illegal. There was an article recently that addressed moving graves and especially moving veterans graves.

Anonymous said...

So now the police can move in for arrests. The destruction of private property of a military veteran is still a crime, correct?

Anonymous said...

On their best day it's doubtful that the KKK ever imagined they could commit the level of violence to African Americans that African Americans commit to themselves in the present day.

Referring to a recent speech by Rev. Clenard Childress recent article said:

"The abortion rate among black American women, Childress points out, is five times higher than among white women, and in 2012, more black babies in New York City were aborted than carried to term, 31,328 to 24,758."

Black live matter? Apparently not to Black women!

Unknown said...

Skybill, I like your plans, they fit you. See you at work!

Bad Cyborg said...

"Taliban in blackface" indeed. Ought to be ashamed of yourself, Dutchman. Insulting honest Taliban that way! What've they ever done to you to deserve such?

(besides, I doubt half of 'em would even know what you called 'em anyhow)

MikeH. said...

Grave sites today, Christian sites tomorrow...

A Geriatric Threeper

Robert Fowler said...

Where is the sheriff? Tennessee has a law against desecrating the graves of veterans.

Where are the Federal Marshall's? It's a federal felony to desecrate the grave of a US Veteran.All of them should be arrested and jailed and the NAACP can go fuck themselves.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
his directed to "anymouse" 24JUL2015 @ 0359hrs.
As for any "Ash Dive" we usually pull the bag open above 6 or 7 thousand feet. The fine dust just hangs in the air and usually forms a "Plume" then just disappears. Any fragments heavy enough to fall will but buddy they will drift long and far!!!
We've pulled the bag lower, at around 5K or so especially if there are "Family and Friends" watching so they could see it. Even lower there is still lots of drift!!
PS anyone wanting to find someone's ash frags on the ground better pack a lunch!!!!! They'll need it!