Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Planned Butcherhood: Documenting the American death cult at 55 million dead babies and counting.

Technician details harvesting fetal parts for Planned Parenthood in latest video.


Sean said...

That we are even having this discussion, and Planned Parenthood is still a going concern, is the outrage. I'm glad my parents have passed on, as this kind of thing would have killed them. To get an idea as to how far we have sunk, could this bullshit have occurred even in 1970? How far have we sunk? They're out to kill off the weak and crippled and the aged, and murdering the most helpless, unborn children right out in the open, and making money on it, and people are TALKING ABOUT IT, as if it's a fit thing for discussion. What should be going on is the elimination of these warped assistants of the Devil. Will it sink further to the concentration camp, the gulag, the ovens? Why not? The left has gotten this far, what's going to stop them from the next step? They are doing these things right in our faces, and no one is stopping them.

Anonymous said...

Just Baal worship. Nothing new under the sun.