Friday, July 24, 2015

Sandra Bland's Arrest and the Expectation of Meek Subservience

Trooper Brian Encinia's actions may have been legal, but that does not make them right.


Anonymous said...

Do You Know Why I’m Pulling You Over, Being Wildly Aggressive, And Charging You With Assault Today, Sir?

FedUp said...

Problem 1:

He came up behind her at an unlawful rate of speed, then pulled her over for lane change without a signal when she hurried out of his path.

Problem 2:

With the traffic stop essentially over, having already issued the ticket, he prolonged the stop to make an illegal order to extinguish the cigarette in the ashtray of her private vehicle.

Problem 3:

After she told him she had every right to have a lit cig in her car, he removed her from the car to make an unlawful arrest, AKA kidnapping, for Contempt of Cop.

Bad Cyborg said...

Only ones. Can't stand 'em but can't shoot 'em, either. {sigh} Guess like the writer said, best we piss-ons (excuse me, pee-ons) just remember our place and meekly knuckle under like good little darkies - excuse me "civilians".

I wonder if Ms Bland's "suicide" had anything to do with the epilepsy she mentioned in the video. And what was she doing in jail 3 days later? Ought to have been out before supper time THAT DAY! Reckon she was booked as a "smocker"? If she was and hadn't yet had her meeting with a shrink she wouldn't have had an opportunity to have made bail. If she had been made a smocker, none of the usual "speedy arraignment/trial" clocks would even have been started until she was cleared by a shrink.

Anonymous said...

You know, there's that old thing about "bad apples" and all that jazz. And although I realize the Feds and PTB are intentionally trying to start a civil war by training cops to be goose-stepping Brownshirts, I just don't find myself on the cops' side anymore. I don't want to see civil conflict start with attacks on cops, but the past couple of years, whenever I read something bad has happened to one in a violent manner, I no longer care. I just have no feelings for them anymore at all. They can be taught to be nasty Nazi's all day long, but following that training and orders depends on the individual. And if they're following that training, then they obviously want to be that way in the first place. Which is why I've become so cold when hearing of violence against a cop. I just don't want to waste my emotional energy on them. And if they feel they must be "bad guys" in order to stop even worse "bad guys" then a quote from Nietzsche is in order: "when going after monsters, be careful not to become a monster yourself"

Anonymous said...

Funny, I was arguing that same fact today. The escalation of force from a simple misdemeanor traffic stop to Officer Friendly going into beast mode over a lit cigarette is, to me, completely unacceptable. Especially in today's climate of magnifying every instance hostility between the thin blue line and the great unwashed. The cigarette posed no threat to the officer and he should not have been pulled the lady, no matter how much of an ass she was or wasn't, out of the car. I may have been legal for him to do so, but I do not see how it was lawful.

I have nothing but respect for police that act as peace officer not collection agents for the State. I have never been, however, in a situation that the injection of a cop could have made it better. This is just another instance of the law of unintended consequences wherein the asshats that said, "well there ought to be a law" and asked for more police, are now getting the police state that they so aggressively campaigned for.

Anonymous said...

I am still wondering how his orders to exit the vehicle were lawful. What I saw was him ASK a question, the Citizen declined and the trooper got PISSED OFF. Am I missing something?

xtron said...

if the races were reversed...that would be a black officer and a white woman...would you even have heard of this event??? NO YOU WOULD NOT HAVE. the ONLY reason this tragity is national news is that it furthers the medias agenda of racist white cops killing innocent black persons.
the simple bottom line is that IF sandra bland had cooperated and followed instructions, she would have driven off with a traffic ticket. instead, she copped an attitude, refused to back down off her high horse, continued to esclate the situation, and at some level, bears at least some of the responsability for her arrest.
in ALL situations involving cops, the safest approach is to do exactly what you are told to do. if the cops are wrong, let lawyers settle it, because you will lose one on one in the street.
if you resist, even verbally, they will rough you up...

if you run they will chase you..
if you fight them, they will beat you...
if you threaten their life and limb they will kill you..

DON'T argue...DON'T resist/fight...DON'T run...DON'T escalate the situation to where the officer feeles threatened...DO stay alive.

Nemesis said...

Arrested for that? That cop needs a lesson in manners and how to not be so over officious or cautious in his duty. In this country (still) disobey a lawful direction is treated as a misdemeanour and is only a fineable offence. If it was officer safety that got him all riled up, then he has failed to recognize that he had the advantage in that vehicle stop and his personal safety was never an issue. As that should have been most obvious to him, IMO, he needs re-training.

Anonymous said...

Police have lots of discretion, this badged thug had utmost urgency to pull and grab the woman like an animal out of the car for a simple traffic violation huh? Wow, amazing policing. No suave communication skills, backup to handle the matter, etc.. No it's vital importance to threaten with tazer and force compliance like a dog. Never minding tazers can kill, which is always good policy for one who is not resisting or posing any threat to respond with lethal force to such chicanery. Or would you rather roll the dice? No thanks. But alas, "if she only would have complied things would have turned out fine" right? Plenty of videos show badged thugs with power/control complex and burnt egos going feral. Another loss of legitimacy for the gang in blue.

Informed42 said...

From what I saw and heard in the video on TV, I'd say this 'Trooper' had a pissed off attitude before he ever 'deliberately looked for a reason' to stop this young woman for a 'minor' traffic violation. If all she was doing that he objected to was smoking a cigarette, he sure as hell must have mental issues and a problem dealing with people in general. His extreme over reaction, yelling at her and threatening her that he 'was going to light her up' with his Taser, should be sufficient enough behavior that his superiors would require him to have a psychological evaluation done. And then to arrest her for a traffic violation ? He has to be a real asshole
on a power trip.

The Judge that set her bail at $5000.00 has to be related to the 'Trooper', because that's asinine. $5000.00 bail for what ? A $25.00 traffic violation ? Asshole #2.

And keeping her in jail for 3 days is a bit extreme too. Pretty suspicious that she
was found dead in her cell 1 hour after making a call.

Color me suspicious, but it looks like she was murdered. Kind of makes me wonder if
the autopsy done by the local coroner or Medical Examiner determined if she had any sexual activity during the time period she was in jail ?? If she was sexually assaulted while in custody, and was going to tell anyone about it, that would sure give whoever assaulted her a motive to kill her.

Color me suspicious by nature based on my past experiences and wearing a badge for 13 years.

FedUp said...

If she made a phone call and really did immediately kill herself after, perhaps during that call she learned that she had lost her new job for non-attendance, or the person she called refused to post her bail and she figured she'd never get out in time to start her job? If so, it's a pity she didn't see this through. Losing the job would give her massive financial damage to add to a false arrest suit.

Anonymous said...

Xtron is a shining example of why and how the US is sliding further and further into a police state. I will never be able to understand the mentality of people who would bend knee to tyranny than fight it.

Anonymous said...

From a regular commentator on Conservative on a Sandra Bland thread - "the police are the last line of defense against tyranny" Combine that with Xtron's comment above - SMH - Blech!

Anonymous said...

Amen to the people comment on the unbridled stupidity exhibited in Xtron's commentary. It's as if Sam Adams woke up from his restful slumber to reiterate:

"If ye love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."