Friday, July 24, 2015

Negligent Discharge at Recruiting Center Shows Good Intentions Not Enough

Thank goodness for small favors, because the bad news is, this plays right into the hands of gleeful anti-gunners, who would demonstrably rather see recruiters dead than either armed or guarded. And the thing is, it’s the second time this guy – who says he was trying to clear ammunition to let “someone” look at his rifle — has had an ND, having been convicted and fined in 2013.


Unknown said...

This is why I have given up on Oathkeepers. Same reasons why I left a decade of militia involvement in the 90's. We have no business protecting Active duty military, none. It's a feelgood peacock show and that's what is become. A gaggle of self promoters and media whores. Don't go where your not invited. Our mission is to protect community and innocent civilians. Your families and neighbors not recruiting centers. For a group continuously promoting unconventional warfare why play the medias game and ask for self appointed idiots to do these stupid things? In a hot situation leadership rises and uses the right methods to control. It's not a hot situation and you have no control so stay out of it. The issues that arise almost every time Oathkeepers comes on the seen should be looked at and examined and you need to rethink deployment and what you raise your flag over. Time for leadership to examine their approach or continue as you are and become the laughing stock militia's so readily became in the past.

MikeH. said...

To quote that most venerable purveyor of the obvious, Bugs Bunny; "what a maroon!!!"

A Geriatric Threeper

Anonymous said...

Can't be stressed enough...... the "N" in ND is for Negligent. There is no better antidote for ND's than basic gun handling safety rules. The firearm will not fire itself unless (in some cases) dropped. If you're going to be in danger of dropping your weapon, maybe you should take the time to clear the chamber first? Then when you're done climbing the barbed wire fence or whatever you can go back to condition one. Not rocket surgery and you don't have to be a retired gunny to carry it off successfully.

The other point I'd like to stress is that the last thing we need at this point is some Oathkeepers setting themselves up as another layer of "Only Ones". "Only Ones" shoot innocent bystanders. "Only Ones" leave loaded weapons on their car trunk lids and walk off. "Only Ones" toss flash bang grenades into children's cribs. "Only Ones" put their EOTech sight on their rifle backwards. Mostly because their heads get too big for their hats and they get complacent. Watch the original "Only One" video on Youtube. Then come back and tell me that trained USMC personnel never have ND's. Or that sworn police officers never hit the wrong target.

At that point, I'll call you what you are: delusional, complacent or a liar and in any case unsafe to be in possession of a loaded firearm.

Anonymous said...

Dont be that guy.

Anonymous said...

You wont bring people to join your cause if you ND right next to them. Jesus.

Galaxie_Man said...

I was involved in two NDs over the years.

I caused my first ND over 30 years ago when I was young and dumb. Luckily, no one was harmed and not much damage except to a carpeted, concrete basement floor. Scared the living shit out of me. It was the classic semi-auto blunder of racking the slide on a 1911 BEFORE dropping the mag. I figured that was my one and only "gimme". Now when I clear a weapon, it is hand cycled several times, and on the last one the chamber is visually inspected to be clear.

The second ND occurred in May of 1989 in my car by a passenger, who did the same blunder I did....BUT WHILE WE WERE DRIVING!!! I thought (foolishly) all the firearms were properly stowed, but his was not. He decided to try and unload it on the way to the range. $1000 damage to my 3 month old new car from one .22LR round. Here's the kicker; I should be a wheel chair bound paraplegic because of this incident, except God gave me my second "gimme". The bullet penetrated the back of my drivers seat and almost exited the drivers door, but not quite, and made a huge pimple in the door skin. How could I not have been hit? The bullet deflected off the lumbar support mechanism, down to the floor pan, and then up through the interior door panel.

Anonymous said...

The guy doing the ND was NOT an Oath Keeper.