Friday, July 31, 2015

"Three Percent" Empire builder Trask takes offense. A short tutorial on the folly of trying to teach your Grandma how to suck eggs.

In response to my post "Poseurs and provocateurs. Any stupid ass can call himself a Three Percenter, the proof is in the practice of principle," we now have this reply from Three Percent Empire builder Robert Trask (spelling and punctuation as in the original):
You men watch to much TV I've been 3% I'm a leader in Kentucky born Alabama offered to hel try to grow the group my number is 502-706-1632 why don't you be men and come to a man instead of posting bullshit you don't know anything about there's my number.
Well, Mr. Trask, I'm a bit busy at the moment and frankly completely uninterested in conversing with you on the phone. If I took the time to do so for every person who seems to have misunderstood the Three Percent concept I would get nothing else done. I will make the following observations.
1. Anyone who wants to "grow (their) group" two states away from where his ass is sitting by accepting help from any jackleg who "offers to help" is fairly begging to be laughed at. Because . . .
2. In any large, top-down organization (which you seem determined to have out of whatever motive that can only be guessed at -- failure to understand the nature of your enemy in a 4th Generation Warfare world; lack of imagination as to the probable negatives of such a move; misplaced enthusiasm at spreading an idea you apparently have failed to properly grasp; or, the simplest explanation, plain ego), personnel, my friend, is policy. If you read the post you take umbrage at, you should understand that your "help" presented himself as your representative with conduct that can be most charitably characterized as typical of a beer-swilling, pot smoking loose cannon.
That, sir, is not "bullshit (I) don't know anything about." I rather think the ignorance and the bullshit is the other way around. To use a phrase my Grandpa Vanderboegh taught me, "Son, don't try to teach your Grandma how to suck eggs." In over 20 years at this stuff, I've seen and heard it all before. You are merely the latest organizational empire builder I've run across, and not a very skillful one at that to judge from the conduct of your "help."
I urge you to rethink your principles in the light of my Three Percent Catechism. I also urge you to rethink your actions in building an "organization" that is so disorganized that you accept "help" from people who can only discredit you and the cause you claim to represent.
Thus endeth the lesson.


Anonymous said...

Nurse Ratched must be dispensing placebos again.
G. Byerley

Anonymous said...

I have seen countless III logos on countless shirt and widget vendors. I have seeen countless more in various sociak media platforms. Plenty will paraphrase the catechism even if they do not know where it came from. As you say, not knowing where it started is no crime. I will completely agree it is a crime, however, to dillute or pervert the idea, logo, etc. for profit, ego, and empire building.

I cannot imagine how this situation will sort itself out when you have retired.

Anonymous said...

Too much TV? What is that supposed to mean? Say what you want about Kerodin, at least he had a little better banter. Even if he was a nasty, puerile, little fed, he still could turn a phrase better than this

What a strange sad little man. Makes you wonder about the company he keeps.

Anonymous said...

You southern people sure are big on sucking eggs. :D

Up north we usually just pan fry em, boil em, etc. ;)

Anonymous said...

Damn.............taken to school.

Allen said...

the moment someone is asking you to join a group, sight unseen, remind yourself...they are letting everyone else join the group sight unseen too.

if you MUST work with them, assume every one of them and every decision, request, and security procedure they have are compromised.

Sedition said...

Maybe he shoulda cleaned the business end of that rectal thermometer before sticking it under his tongue.