Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lessons from the drug raid that burned a Georgia toddler

"I suspect that as with all the incidents before this one (and all the incidents since), none of these lessons will be learned. And so the raids will go on. And so will the body count."
Lessons will begin to be learned only when the militarized thugs pick on the wrong target -- and they all die in a stack, sprawled in someone's front hall.


smitty said...

The lesson the Gestapo may take from a raid gone totally wrong against them-a heap of badged corpses-may be to ask the pentagon for free A-1 Abrams and Apache gunships...

I might just take more than several such fiascos for any real lesson to sink in.

Daniel Almond said...

This is what motivated me to run for a seat (currently occupied by the House Majority Leader) in the Georgia general Assembly. No one in the state government has done anything about this. http://www.danielalmondforgeorgiahouse.com/

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
The more things change, they just get worse!!! So how long did it take for the Niki Cop to get charges pressed against her? It's still the same story, when ya' get railroaded by the ghestoppo ya' gotta hold yer breath and "wait" for the "Wheels of justice" to catch up.........a lot slower than the flow of "cold catchup in the winter time!!!!!" Meanwhile, if ya' got em' ya' may as well smoke em' cuz itz gonna' bee a-while!!!!!! Got that Pilgrim??
Got Gunz........OUTLAW!!!!!,

Capitalist Eric said...

Terrell initially blamed the baby’s injuries on the suspected drug dealer, whom he called “no better than a domestic terrorist.”

Since there was no drug dealer, WHO, PRECISELY, IS THE TERRORIST???