Friday, July 17, 2015

"So, another Jihadi has murdered four Marines in Chattanooga. So what?" The Lessons of Chattanooga: Disobey Posted Death Zones and Understand That Jihadi Fourth Generation Warfare Means We Are ALL At War -- Everywhere, All the Time.

“At the operational level (of 4th Generation Warfare), all an opponent has to move is ideas. He can do so through a wide variety of methods, from email to snail mail to personal courier to messages embedded in classified advertisements. He will try to submerge his communications in the noise of the everyday activity that is an essential part of modern society. It will be extraordinarily difficult to detect the operational level activities of a 4GW opponent.” -- LTC Thomas X. Hammes The Sling and the Stone, Page 218.
So, another Jihadi has murdered four Marines in Chattanooga. So what? What about this WASN'T absolutely predictable and predicted? Arguments over whether he represented "international" or "home-grown, domestic" terror or even the characterization of him as a "lone wolf" (as if that represents some sort of solace), are utterly beside the point and irrelevant. I have written and spoken about 4GW many times before. The Jihadi version of it is a weaponized idea, indiscriminate and evil beyond measure. Comments on this blog and elsewhere that the US federal government is a greater threat to our lives and liberty than any Jihadi are also true, but irrelevant to the families of the dead Marines and everyone else for that matter. The Jihadis have determined that they are in a global war with us, all of us -- our families, our friends, the innocent, wherever we live and whatever we do. We cannot opt out of it because they will not let us.
"You think you've been getting away with it all this time, standing by. Well, son... your bystanding days are over! You're in it now, up to your neck!" -- Gregory Peck as Mallory in The Guns of Navarone.
A man may make many enemies in his life, some intentionally, some unintentionally. That he must confront all of them, regardless of their point of attack is obvious. Again, nothing happened in Chattanooga yesterday that wasn't perfectly predictable. And having been predicted, most of us yawned and went back to sleep. Which leads me to the central lesson of Chattanooga. Take a good look at the photo above. "Gun-free zones" are nothing but death zones for the innocent. As an American at war, whether you chose to enlist in that war, you're in it, up to your neck. You MUST disobey such posted death zone signs just as you wouldn't enter camp gates unarmed with that other big collectivist lie of history posted on them -- "Arbeit Macht Frei."
As I watched yesterday, the overwhelming emotion I felt was sadness. Not for the dead but for the fact that Tennesseans -- not just Americans but SOUTHERNERS, by God -- have become so gelded, so self-neutered as to react to the attack like a flock of frightened sheep. Where was the guy who ignored the victim disarmament zone signs, who could have produced a handgun and shot the Jihadi in the back as he attacked? Where was the armed citizen who takes responsibility for the protection of himself/herself and others? Nowhere in evidence. It is that silent passing of the America I grew up in that I mourn above all.


Anonymous said...

One Marine was armed, in violation of policy, and fired at the cowardly bastard who then retreated behind the facility. There he began firing on the others. get the facts. I spoke w/ a friend who was guarding the suspects home this morning. (Sgt w/ Chat. City PD

anon for obvious reasons

Galaxie_Man said...

"Where was the guy who ignored the victim disarmament zone signs, who could have produced a handgun and shot the Jihadi in the back as he attacked? Where was the armed citizen who takes responsibility for the protection of himself/herself and others?"

I am right here where I have always been, ready to do my duty. I believe that as more of these attacks occur, people will wake up and realize those STOOPID signs that deny firearms possession are truly meaningless and ignore them as the bad guys do. Since I am an active participant in the Armed Civil Disobedience here in Kommiecticut, I am no longer considered a "law abiding" citizen. I am a "peaceable" one. Since those Gun-Free Kill Zone signs hold the force of law here, I just nullify those laws as well.

Eventually, "Jihad Johnny" and I are going to meet.....statistically speaking; it is just a matter of time. As his life seeps away from his bullet riddled carcass, I hope he lives long enough for me to tell him either I used pig blood infused ammo, or that I am really a woman. Either one of those things would be the worst thing he could know at death.

Religion of peace my ass.

Anonymous said...

In Everett, WA, they had a problem with car theft. It was common for morning commuters to start their automobile and let it run a few minutes before starting off to work.
The city council made a new ordinance establishing a fine for leaving your car running in your own driveway unattended.

So, one chilly morning a fellow who was unaware of the new ordinance, started his car and returned to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. The car was stolen in that time and when the poor fellow called to report his car stolen, he was issued a summons and fine for the infraction.

I suspect that is what would likely happen in a "gun free zone" if one were to take out the jihadi boy. This nation has its priorities all screwed up and it is no fun to be living through the death spiral.


Robin said...

I ignored the "no guns" signs even before Kansas did away with permits. Why did I need a permit for a civil right? I don't ask permission for my rights. As my mom always said, "Better to be judged by 12 than carried by six". I am willing to accept the judgement of my peers if I ever have to use my firearm. No one ever knows I have it so I'll only reveal it if I have to.

Anonymous said...

Gelded, self-neutered Tennesseans. I could not have said it any better myself, Mr. Mike. But then I think we would be hard-pressed to find any one in modern Amerika who has channeled the spirit of Nathan Bedford Forrest or the fictional Josey Wales. Recently, the FEDGOV proposed "resettling" Muslim refugees to the Boise-Twin Falls area. When I spoke to my blowhard brother-in-law about this he states that if they give us any trouble, we will: "just shoot them". Yeah, right.
Wetbacks have been victimizing innocent Amerikan citizens of all races and ethnic back rounds for years. Nothing was ever done because the corrupt Republicrats needed cheap labor and voters. Now, with a Muslim in the Oval Office, this incident will be spun and soft-pedaled and the compliant MSM will bury the story after a couple of days.
I will be waiting for Morris Dees and Mark Potok to weigh in on this, but I won't hold my breath.

CowboyDan said...

Galaxie_Man- Tell him you dipped a used tampon in bacon grease when you reloaded it.

That'll do him a world of good and give him comfort for the journey.

Dean Weingarten said...

There was plenty of time for an armed American at the recruitment center scene to fire on the attacker.

This shows that we need more people carrying. One witness said that she show him just a few feet away (she worked at the hair dresser next door) and watched as he reloaded and changed positions.

Anonymous said...

I urge all who have concealed carry permits to ignore signs which forbid guns on the premises in every situation where you will not be subjected to a search or metal detector. Keep your gun concealed and the business won't know you are armed unless you tell them. You might be able to save some lives by being armed!

You see, gun-free zones are simply killing fields for mass murderers. That statement was proven to be true one more time in Chattanooga! When will our governments (Federal, state and local) realize that? As long as we keep electing stupid illogical politicians we will have mayhem and chaos!

- Old Greybeard

minute-man said...

This is what happens when you let your government selectively 'enforce' -or not, enforce laws at your 'fearless leader's whim ... And this, is what happens when you allow that fraudulent 'president' to remain in an illegally acquired office and become 'your dictator'.

Jefferson warned of this long, long ago when he said ;
"the people get the government that they deserve"

clearly, "America" doesn't deserve much, any longer...

There are THOUSANDS of ILLEGAL ALIEN FELONS on the LOOSE in America right now because government looks the other way and IGNORES Border Control LAW that we all paid dearly to have written... NOT to mention all the crazy alien parasites and native-born gang bangers loose on the street, also ignored by this administration.

And all the "progressives" want to do is take away YOUR GUNS. Yeah,... Right.

It's getting so its not safe to walk out of your house. -how many innocent Americans were BEATEN, RAPED, ABDUCTED, or MURDERED by these out-of-control animals this week? -6, -8, -10? -I lost count. Do you have any idea?

-ALWAYS- 'be prepared' whenever you are out & about,
keep your children close,-very, very close -oh, and 'watch your back'…

good luck to you neighbor.

As for me,.. I live 25 miles from Islamburg

David Codrea said...

Sgt w/ Chat. City PD: I would like to investigate your claim and see if it can be verified. Mike and I will guarantee your anonymity and go to jail before revealing you as our source, just, as we proved faithful to the Fast and Furious whistleblowers. If you could contact him or me (, I'd appreciate the opportunity to find out more.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the real story here is that the average A-mur-ee-kin WILL NOT carry a gun even when they have a legal right to do so.

Mind numbing for those of us who do carry every day. Just mind numbing.

Jimmy the Saint said...

@Anonymous: "As long as we keep electing stupid illogical politicians we will have mayhem and chaos!"

They may be stupid and illogical on some things, but not on "Gun Free" zones. It's pretty clear that those attract violence. Violence attracts calls for politicians to "do something". Calls to do something allow politicians to seize more control of society and set up deals that get their friends nice fat contracts (and the politicians nice fat kickbacks/contributions.

DAN III said...

Carrying concealed is the proverbial Pain In The Ass. I don't like it. It's a nuisance. It's one more thing to do when I leave the house. But....I do it.

The one thing I must do much more of....practice my draw from concealment.

For those interested I'm carrying a Springfield XD Mod 2 in .45 ACP, appendix carry in a G-Code INCOG.

Please, PITA or not. Licensed or not. Carry. Practice. Please.

Anonymous said...

Enough with the swine flesh jokes. They make you look REALLY stupid. Not eating pork is Biblical. Christ didn't eat it, and he didn't die so that you could all eat it. Muslims don't kill people because their man-made religion tells them not to eat pork. That is like saying guns kill people.
Again, religion is part of the whole SYSTEM, and it is the SYSTEM that urges wars. Time to grow up and look up.
An American girl, and a NON-pork eating Christ follower.

Anonymous said...

If we simply fight a defensive fight, the Islamists will overwhelm us. We must preemptively destroy them wherever we find them -- town, county, state, etc.

The only solution: Death to Islam in the United States.

Anonymous said...

I shall pray for your conversion. You NEED bacon.

Anonymous said...

Question regarding being "The Armed Citizen" who should have ignored the Victim Disarmament Zone and would have been to kill the arab.

Say that the "Armed Citizen" did kill the arab.

NOW my question:

How much prison time would that individual receive for having SAVED numerous of his fellow countrymen / ladies / transvestites / etc?

Same question if someone had shot and killed the mehican, invader who shot and killed the young woman at the wharf in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago.
How much time in prison would an armed citizen receive for having shot and killed the dirt ball either before, during, or immediately after he shot the woman???

Remember that SF is in the country of FlakiFornia!

Miles said...

"Enough with the swine flesh jokes."

Sorry Anonymous American girl, we're gonna keep making piggie/mooze jokes until forever.

"Ridicule is man's most potent weapon." As Saul Alinsky hisself said that, I think we'll use his own weapons against him, and his ilk, like the mooze, and stuff it right back down their collective throats.

And you do have the perfect right not to eat whatever item you don't desire, but I'll use the secondary reading of Acts 10:10-14 (the primary being that the gospel was not just for the Jews, but for everyone) and take it that all meat is now 'clean'.

Red said...

I would have loved to read this article. The font is a bit too small for these old eyes. I am sure there is a way to use my computer to enlarge the font, but I don't like changing things every time I want to read a blog entry. It would be nice if you use a larger font when writing these entries.

Drew Rinella said...

Anon sgt -

Do you know if the arm marine is going to be prosecuted for carrying?