Monday, July 20, 2015

Ringwood police still taking inventory of gun stash

"Forget it, Jake; it's New Jersey."


Anonymous said...

He ain't NEVER gonna see those guns again. But application to destroy them? Ha! They'll end up in the LEO's gun cabinets.

MikeH. said...

Anonymous said... "They'll end up in the LEO's gun cabinets."

Or, out on the streets in the hands of all those who the radical regime is stirring into a race war frenzy.

As for the stash "bunker" referenced in the news article; It just goes to show that one needs to go to extreme lengths (read: really big bucks) to hide the bunker that hides the stash.

Secondly, if you stash stuff that is likely to offend folks of the far-left leaning thought processes, you should seriously avoid pissing off anyone in the know of said stashed stuff. Disgruntled domestic partners applying for temporary protection orders is the parent that begat the current day revenge technique of SWATing.

A Geriatric Threeper

Informed42 said...

Ha! They'll end up in the LEO's gun cabinets.

Bingo !! You hit the nail on the head, and you know the
B astards A ttempting T o F uck E veryone will be right in line
with their hands out too !!