Sunday, July 5, 2015

Excellent observation from an email correspondent.

Sam Adams did NOT organize the "Sons of Democracy" in Boston in revolutionary times. Patrick Henry did NOT say "Give me Democracy or give me death". There is NO Democracy Bell in Independence Park in Philadelphia. The word Democracy does not appear on United States coinage. The Pledge of Allegiance does NOT say "with Democracy and justice for all". And it is absolutely certain that there is NOT a Statue of Democracy in New York Harbor.


Pat H. said...

"Democracy - The God That Failed" by Hans-Herman Hoppe.

Anonymous said...

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” -- Benjamin Franklin

"The founders never could have imagined....." -- various modern day revisionists twits who run their mouths without knowing the topic at hand.

It's actually hard to find a topic that the Founders didn't imagine and debate among themselves and with the populace in general, in depth, and at length.

Anonymous said...

Life, Democracy and the pursuit of happiness?

Uh uh.

I liked that the previous President was down for kicking some Muzzie ass. We have no choice but to do battle with EVIL. However, his endless "democracy" dogma drove me bonkers. Well, his approval of mindless spending and coddling of illegal laiens did too, but I digress.

Liberty = Choice. Americans thrive on, support and otherwise refuse to relent THEIR OWN choice. Even while the vast majority understand EXACTLY what abortion itself IS, and it turns their stomachs to actually contemplate it, when the issue is put into and CONFINED TO the debate parameter of CHOICE......Americans set aside what the choice MADE actually IS in order to preserve the CHOICE itself, the right to CHOOSE. The LIBERTY called choice!

Ironically, the collectivist mindset FAILS miserably, the "democracy" meme, falls asunder WHEN tht word is DEMONSTRATED to be the OPPOSITE of choice. SO WHY THE HELL is it, how can it be that, the word Liberty is relegated to a "non defined" word, while its true synonym - CHOICE- is confined SOLELY to "abortion"....making it then a "dirty word"? We must break this monopoly!

Abortion is what it is, murdering the unborn. Like an evil bastard breaking into a home of another intent upon rape and murder, no "law" against it will ever end it. Bans won't end it. Democracy will only serve it - because of a dishonest media. The ANSWER to it is simple, and quite blatantly ironic. CHOICE!!!! It takes a person CHOOSING to turn away from that evil, and when folks finally figure out that EMPOWERING people with their Liberty, their choice, and augmenting the number and kind of choices available, abortion will be, well, not CHOSEN. Democracy, when shown to be OUTSIDE the scope of LIBERTY will be rendered useless on this ugly topic - rather than its enabler.

You see, folks, the LIVs are convinced that their CHOICE, their LIBERTY, comes from "Democracy". Of course, they fail to understand that Democracy is the biggest threat TO THEIR LIBERTY when they refuse to see that RIGHTS don't come FROM government.

Democracy is 7 wolves and 3 sheep voting on whats for supper, right? Well, how about we jump that analogy into this millennium?

Democracy is 65 white men and 15 black men and 15 hispanic men voting on who is to be enslaved. ( Says the Democrat - "Here black folks, have some free stuff so you ignore us adding 5 more hispanics without you saying a word about it......then we will vote.)

The LIBERTY intended was simple - though it was known it would take time to take hold.......- Liberty for ALL despite todays CONS (skin color, gender, age, ability/disability, ETC ETC ETC. There was to be NO "protected class".....ummm can you say "Title of Nobility??? much less protected classes created and cordoned off by "democracy".

Take a good look. Why aren't there any opponents for Hillary? Why aren't there 20 "top" democrats touted by media? The simple answer is this - even MEDIA itself knows that "democracy" has been exposed for what it is to MILLIONS upon MILLIONS because of the chicanery they have engaged in to install Obama. They FEAR a "campaign" of 'democracy" versus "republican FORM" cuz it may just turn into a KIND of government election rather than a "abortion" election, just another "abortion" election.