Sunday, July 26, 2015

Another collectivist schmuck who wants to "prevent gun violence" by starting a bloody civil war.

The Second Amendment must go: How many Americans must die before we rethink the Second Amendment?


Robert Fowler said...

How many Americans must die before we rethink the Second Amendment?

Or, how many Americans WILL die if you give it a try? They will have to come get mine. I hold no fantasy about holding off a platoon of Marines. If they come, I pretty much know I will die. I will not however, die cheap.

Anonymous said...

The Second Amendment does not "grant" us the right to keep and bear arms. The National Rifle Association doesn't do a whole lot to defend that right or The Second Amendment.

Nevertheless, it may be of some value to have the left focus their efforts in those two directions. When your enemy is making mistakes, step back and let him. Or as W. C. Fields once said, "Never smarten up a chump!"

Sean said...

I believe their unstated, although well planned reason, for starting that civil war is that they intend to win the propaganda part of it by cloaking themselves in the mantle of the "Union", like in the last one. They are thereby preparing the battle space prior to opening hostilities on their own people with lots of mind games about the evil enemy (us) and our "fixation" on guns. No dictatorship or dictator, to my memory, has failed to do those preps, prior to launching the hot war, in history. Compared to what they'll say during the active part of civil war III, it's mild. "I told you so" will also be one of the excuses for genocide enacted in that time. Always look ahead, and see where they're going, and your eyes will be opened to why they do what they do.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the question,"how many children need to die before you support gun control?!"

My answer? "All of them."

Anonymous said...

These high minded intellectuals never seem to notice the failure of their supposedly well thought out positions. If the Second isn't sacrosanct then neither is the first. If the solution to gun related violence is banning guns - or even heavily restricting their possession and use THEN the solution to LYING is as simple! Just ban words and their usage!! Make possessing and using all words crafted together to lie ILLEGAL!!!


DAN III said...

Send this clown to the gun-free zone known as Great Britain. Specifically the city of London where it is reported there are more than 1,000 assaults committed MONTHLY by PEOPLE using knives as weapons ! What's the solution offered by British politicians ? Ban knives !

Maybe it is time to just recognize the real reason for crime and violence....and ban human behavior !