Monday, July 20, 2015

A less-than-optimal Lord's Day presaging another interesting day today..

Meet David Lee Galbreath. He is the son-in-law of some close friends of mine who has been on a downward spiral for the last few months. This story tells briefly how he spent his Sunday. It is full of omissions and inaccuracies, but it will do to start with:
Jefferson County deputies searching for armed suspect: Accused of threatening law enforcement officers.
First of all, he did not try to burn down his wife's house, he firebombed his in-laws' house (my friends) by throwing a Molotov cocktail into the carport in the late afternoon WHILE HIS OWN YOUNG SON and others were playing there. Fortunately it was an amateurish job, no one was burned and the fire was quickly extinguished. A Jefferson County deputy was right on his tail a moment after the deed as he fled (having been called earlier when David had been spotted at his wife's home further up the hill) but he eluded them by blowing through stop lights and stop signs, convincing the cop that further pursuit was going to get some innocent killed.
Later on, the cop answered a call from him to his wife's cell phone and he indicated that he was not going to surrender, that he would not be going to prison, and that the cops would have to kill him. Presumably this is the "threat to attack the police" mentioned in the stories on all the local morning news shows here.
What the Sheriff's Department did not tell the media: This has been an escalating case of domestic violence and deadly threats for some time, and there are outstanding cases and protective orders in place after he beat his wife (who is half his size). There have been chances when the Sheriff's Department could have held him but they let him out on recogs and a signature bond from his motorcycle gang chick girlfriend. Indeed, the JCSD seized some of his many weapons when they busted him on the domestic abuse charge, but they did not get them all because they could not get in his gun safe and failed to secure it until they could. Those that aren't in Galbreath's car right now are probably in the hands of his gangbanger buddies that he was messing around with. With the Sheriff's Department's usual efficiency, we'll probably be seeing those weapons surface in various crimes over the next year or so.
Anyway, I'll be helping my friends out this morning, seeing to the security of their property while they deal with the legal issues. I'll try to have more later.


Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like those folks need to get their own 'hired gun' to hunt the psycho down and take him out. The LEOs appear to be useless in this case.

Anonymous said...

I was once close to a nasty situation not all that different from this. A little more serious, but it is early yet in Mike's example. A young woman my wife worked with was trying to escape the clutches of a possessive and drug controlled boy friend. He killed her dead (they quit counting the hammer strikes at like 57 or so, figuring they had it covered with that number. This murderer ran the streets for three full days WITHOUT the media telling even half the story, much less SAYING HIS NAME or even describing him. It was then, that moment, I learned that media does not tell the truth!

My wife FOUND her friend's dead body, knew the things that took place in the years and months leading up to this terrible crime, but the cops pushed her aside the instant they arrived at the scene and never spoke to her again after that initial "contact". It was the most disgusting thing I ever witnessed.

Utter incompetence displayed by media and police. Luckily, the crack fiend turned himself in three days later, still wearing the bloody clothes he had on the moment he killed that girl (because she wouldn't give him her paycheck).

Everyone close KNEW who did it. Everyone close KNEW the media and cops LET that KILLER RUN FREE for days all because nobody wanted to SAY his name out loud or in print. Nothing about it fit the leftist narrative so it was tanked. I have not believed the "news" since.

Mike V, I sure hope your friends are gonna be OK. With you around, there is a good chance of that. Suicide by coppers is all too comman these days and I suspect that is how this will go down. Prayers for your mates, Mike, they are gonna need them.