Thursday, March 5, 2015

Why Spokane. Why now.

One of my best friends called me up yesterday to urge me, to plead with me, not to go to Spokane. He had a lot of reasons why. One point he raised was that some in the open carry/We Will Not Comply movement seem to be determined to become "scarier than the people they oppose" by "dressing like operators in Iraq" and "wearing masks and clown get-up." He pointed out the long-ago critique of a leftist looking back on the anti-war movement who bemoaned that they lost the larger argument when the anti-warriors, through riots and Weatherman actions, "became scarier than the Vietnam War itself." Anthony, I pointed out, was dressed in a suit and tie. "Yeah," he retorted, "but the press didn't run his picture, did they?" He has a point.
It is incumbent upon us to insist upon our rights but not to appear as out-of-control loons when we do. Armed civil disobedience puts a premium upon principle and discipline and some folks, frankly, lack both. Of course, he complained, "I know you're not going to listen to me and you're going to do what you want to do anyway." He concluded by telling me he was was putting me on another prayer list. Good. I need all the prayers I can get, as do we all.
His principal fear, and one that is well taken from the vantage point of experience (and we both have more than twenty years in this movement), is that a. the crisis is coming; b. we are nowhere near ready; and c. we are our own worst enemies. All true. And yet, what are we to do? But before we answer that question, let me ask another upon which the first depends: What do we know? Specifically, in this instance what do we know about the situation in Washington state?
Here's what I know, or can reasonably deduce from past experience.
1. The state authorities are, as in CT, frankly at a loss to know what to do about armed civil disobedience of I-594. They are at a loss and they are scared, both personally and policy-wise. Like Malloy and his minions in CT they are frozen in inaction because of the uncertainties.
2. The Feds share their fear. THEY picked this fight with Anthony Bosworth deliberately. They singled him out, among others who were open carrying and they detained him, threw him in a steel cage and sought to intimidate him and turn him. They did this, on video, without reading him his Miranda rights, then denying him a lawyer, indicated that they could, NDAA-like, essentially make him disappear, in actions that were deliberate. It was the entire purpose of the exercise. They are seeking to provoke a confrontation. They are seeking just the sort of response we are going to give them on Friday so that they can bring their considerable resources -- seen and unseen, including a considerable army of snitches and agents provocateurs -- to bear to crush the nascent movement with a discrediting incident.
3. The selection of Spokane as the battlefield in this "the federal empire strikes back" scenario is also no accident. Spokane is a hotbed of those so-called "racist right" groups that the FBI controls (and has for many years) as so many COINTELPRO assets. Spokane is also a hotbed, strangely enough, of both current and former spooks, from both sides of the Cold War, which, in case you didn't notice is even colder now than it was then. And yes, I'm talking about current Russian agents of influence (who are, oddly enough, trying to make inroads in the so-called "patriot movement" up there) as well as failed and broken down American spies and former intelligence assets retired for incompetence, blown covers, failed operations, etc. I could go into the subject of the large number of official but phony driver's licenses provided by the authorities to such people, but that is for another day.
4. This witch's brew provides a rich backdrop of potential competing conspiracy theories and plausible deniabilities to the feds in case anything should "Accidentally Happen." In the aftermath, should they be successful with whatever provocation they have in mind (and remember, a la the Elohim City/OKC bombing events prior to 19 April 1995, there are certainly likely to be competing agencies and provocations that may get out of the hands of the agencies and provocateurs themselves), it will be difficult in the ashes to determine federal culpability -- which of course is the predicate for the operation(s).
5. I also know that it is reported by sources that the Southern Poverty Law Center has (again, just like Elohim City in the pre-OKC bombing days) its own snitches in place in Spokane who are seeking to work their way into the ranks of the armed civil disobedience movement. They are also researching a big hit piece on the WA state activists. The timing of that "expose" will tell us much.
All of these are perfectly understandable reasons for cancelling Friday's rally. The Feds apparently want it -- NEED it -- and are marshaling their resources to achieve a certain outcome. Why go ahead? Because we must show ourselves to be free men and women who will stand our ground, with principle and discipline, in the very fangs of leviathan's bloody mouth. It is no accident that I intend to take my speech subject from the lessons provided by 1 Samuel, Chapter 22. It is not enough to oppose something from afar. We must stand in the gap, even (sometimes) on battlegrounds of our own enemy's choosing.
Of course it is also true that this piece may remind the analysts -- if not the operators and decision takers of the federal government -- that radar works both ways. They may think we're a bug on their screens. They should understand that they are a bug -- albeit a much BIGGER bug -- on ours as well. In the aftermath of whatever happens -- IF they themselves arrange for something to happen (for we will not, it is not in our interest) -- that many things previously hidden that they seek to remain hidden will be exposed. Something for them to think about this day as I get on the plane to carry me to Spokane.


Jim Klein said...

"Because we must show ourselves to be free men and women who will stand our ground, with principle and discipline, in the very fangs of leviathan's bloody mouth."

Right answer, at least for yourself. Every reason not to go was built of the position of those who would rule others, the Tyrants. Read 'em and see.

The reason to go can only be built of one's own life and one's determination and courage to live it as he or she chooses. And the willingness to allow the same for others, duh.

This War is about nothing else and anyone who thinks it is, is missing the boat. A lot of folk figure to die in the Hell that faces us, but the only relevant question is this---Will anyone choose to live?

iwitness02 said...

Boy oh boy, Mike, This is getting way past the Thrilla in Manila. Feels like the timing is getting razor thin. May God be with you.

Lisa said...

Michael, I just read 1 Samuel 22 and the Scripture does fit well.

Please be well. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

When will folks realize the simplicity of Mikes message?

The only thing to fear is fear itself.

The loyalist controllers already have agents within - and some don't even realize they are acting as such. When folks try to convince others to stand down -even when genuine concern for their friends well being is their true reason- they are acting in the interests of the tyrants. Of course, the tyrants arrange it this way, because what better tools are there to use but your enemies most valuable assets?

It is not us who should fear the arrests and the fallout from them! It's the controllers who should AND DO!!!! All they have is fear, making us scared to act. They get what they want when we let fear make us stand down. However, when we can the fear and engage in simple exercise of enumerated rights despite that fear, the script is flipped. The tyrants get scared. And then they make mistakes - actually "arresting" Anthony is a great example. They thought he'd sing like a bird, but instead he stood some more and then some more. Now, the controllers have made mistakes they cannot fix or hide.

Now just think what would happen if -when- this is replicated across the nation. When the fearful finally drop their fear, seeing that it's not us who should be scared because WE aren't the ones doing wrong!

Many states are passing legislation and issuing judicial rulings trying to playcate their populations -Kansas and Georgia for instance- because they FEAR this Coming to their doorsteps.

The tide is turning my friends. And that's happening because the courageous are standing up to fear itself. And all its taking is We The People standing together, exercising enumerated rights in combination. We hold that power and authority -and always have. We always will to. The only difference is whether we have the courage to exercise it or bow down to fearmongering, choosing not to.

Anonymous said...

I am convinced, after watching your Bama Carry speech, that the only thing necessary to solve this problem and prevent this catastrophe, is for you to have access to the American public.

That isn't going to happen because they can't allow it. This of course means that there is indeed a plan and a conspiracy to implement it. One can feel the gathering storm in almost every breath one takes.

EVIL has a face and it sometimes wears a smile, a business suit, a badge and gun, or a smug face of an anchorman or woman, telling lie filled stories to people who cannot make sense of those lies. These are some of the faces of that evil, and that evil has an agenda of literally enslaving us all.

Truth and freedom are incompatible with that agenda.

God bless and protect you and everyone there. The clock is running and so are the recorders.

WarriorClass III said...

Wish I could be there with you.

Paul X said...

["Yeah," he retorted, "but the press didn't run his picture, did they?" He has a point.]

But not much of one.

*Of course* the Ministry of Propaganda is going to slant things. They may well be providing the provocateurs dressed up as clowns for the camera. No reason to let that stop us. We just try to get a handle on the clowns, that's all.

Look at the bright side. There is now alternative media, the Internet. The old media is losing credibility day by day. People can go to these things and post youtubes of the actual event, including any provocateur action that might be caught. We are actually much better off than we used to be in the media aspect.

Also, there are a lot of shooters and pro-RKBA folks in Spokane. It sure ain't Seattle. (And it's about my favorite city in the northwest.) I wouldn't worry about the reasons not to go. It's just the usual fear-mongering.

Nairb said...

I think I'll take some time off work and come down to join in. It would be nice to meet you after reading your blog all these years.

Sharp Chedder said...

Rule #1 from Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals".
RULE 1: “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.”

He may have been a total commie scum bag, but he was not stupid.

Mr. Mike, it was a pleasure to meet and chat with you in Olympia.

Anonymous said...


I wonder if .gov realizes that all those attending the rally are insured by the "100 Heads Life and Casualty" company.