Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Note to the "Ted Cruz is not an American" conspiracists.

Your comments go to the same place as "Sandy Hook was faked," "9-11 was a false flag," and "5,000 ways David Rockefeller and the Jews hate me personally." Send them to Alex Jones, please.


Anonymous said...

Ted is an American citizen.

There are two ways to become an American citizens that I know of;

1.) Naturalized
2.) Natural born

He has not been naturalized; he was natural born to an American citizen, doesn't matter where but who unless you are an anchor baby which he was not.

Wraith said...

Actually, I like it when these folks start hollering about 'natural-born American' as regards Mr. Cruz.

See, if you believe Obama's alleged birth certificate(and I don't, but let's assume it's real), then his daddy, Barack Obama Sr., was never an American citizen. So, if Mr. Cruz isn't eligible to be President, then Mr. Obama has NEVER been our legal President, and therefore, everything he's done in the last seven years is NULL AND VOID.

Do they really want to go down this road? If so, I'll fill their tank and clean their windshield.

Anonymous said...

Cruz's mother was an American citizen but his father was born and raised in Cuba. Cruz still qualifies because it only takes one parent, even if you're born abroad. Even if Obama had been born in Kenya, he'd still qualify.

Obama was indeed born in Hawaii, for what it's worth. His mom was renting a room in my great uncle's home at the time because his maternal grandfather worked for my family's furniture store.

bondmen said...

Bob Dutko clearly explains why Ted Cruz is a natural born citizen and why Barry Hussein was not. It's very interesting and worthwhile so give it a listen:

Anonymous said...

US Code 8 says born of at least one citizen parent and one "national", which his father was, and that's it!

Anonymous said...

Wraith, your logic is flawed. All it takes to be a "natural born citizen" by some definitions is that ONE parent be a US citizen. Obama's mama was a US citizen. If the definition that Anon at 10:21 used is fought in court and deemed correct, then it matters not whether Obama was born somewhere other than Hawaii. He's still a US citizen....and so is Ted Cruz.

If the court rules that's not the definition (No court has ruled as of yet)....then neither of them likely are.