Thursday, March 26, 2015

ATF backs off of ammo ban, but it's the "sporting purpose" test that needs to go

Until Congress gets off their duffs and removes constitutionally offensive language like “sporting purpose” from the nation’s gun laws - and ideally repealing most of those laws - we insist that the ATF, and the entire executive branch, stop trying to expand and extend their invasion on the rights of the citizenry, and interpret the existing laws in the most favorable way possible for the people who entrust them with that authority.


Anonymous said...

Again with the "congress" solution ? Yeah lets send more money to party politicians! Yeah, let's send more money to the NRA to lobby those same politicians. Uh huh.

Insanity - doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

Our remedy will never be found in the legislature. They ADD laws, they do not remove them. The judiciary kills them. That's where our legislative remedy tests - in the judiciary.

We refuse to comply. When accused of a crime we defend ourselves on the judicial court. We explain our rights -both privilege and immunity- and that's that. Either the last line works and the judiciary does the right thing - or it decides to join the corruption of the other two branches and ignores it's duty. But know this, the judges know full well they are the Citizenry's last attempt at redress - with civil unrest and even outright civil war being the next step if they do not decide in favor of the rights of the people.

The judiciary had the chance to basically permanently cement collective right gun control style with heller. It could have literally codified the controllers wet dream of NO! to individual right and to fundamental right and to pre existing right - but the court DIDNT!!! It knew full well that it COULDNT. But why? Because far too much is at stake to do that. They know doing so seals the deal -that the path to civil war is then sealed. Heller has problems no doubt but the fact is simple - controllers lost badly and on the macro level.

And gun rights folk are winning every case one after the other all across this land as a result.

Forget sending letters to legislators - they don't know and don't cars and won't act. Send your letters to judges instead. The judiciary is where our fight should be waged. The legislatures are a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so the sporting purposes is directly ou of the NFA. However, since Heller the Court has recognized the right to be armed to oppose tyranny. This is a military application of thee right.

Miller, so well miunderstood and misquoted, ststed, absent a showing". That is because Miler was dead and the attorney did not pursue the matter and show that sawed off shot guns had been used in military, specifically "militia" type applications.

What this means is the law may stand for sporting type matters, militia type matters where the People have a right to oppose tyranny and the possess the means to do it is quite another and the Court has spoken.

The current law hinges upon the NFA, that is why the language. That was Obama's words when he said to the "Sportsmen" he was not going after their guns. He was specific and calculating. His address caused a division which is always a Marxist ploy to breaking down unity to opposition.