Monday, March 30, 2015

Texas Secessionist Invited To Moscow And Seeks Russian Support For His Cause

"Stupid is as stupid does, Forrest."
See also the Google translation page: I arrived in Moscow at the invitation of my friends from the "anti-globalization movement in Russia." I'm going to meet with a number of public organizations that are close to us in spirit and have common values ​​with us.
Meet stupid.


Torque said...

"Meet Stupid," or the next Lee Harvey Oswald... as history might suggest.

Anonymous said...

Pretty ignorant post, Mr. Vanderboegh. If there is any other nation on earth that's going to help us secede, please post it. We can't do it alone, the Founding Fathers taught us that. Praise God there still is a country that may be willing to step up and help.

-A Fan

Anonymous said...

This would be like jumping from the frying pan into the fire for sure.

Allen said...

"We can't do it alone, the Founding Fathers taught us that."

secession doesn't solve the problem. getting russian help with strings attached is a bigger problem than what you already have.

the french helped us during the revolution, but not out of some love of was out of hatred for the british. and helping us put them in no more danger than they were already in.

the russians helping you secede is either going to make you a russian vassal state, or put you so far in debt to them that you will never see daylight from the bottom of that hole.

either way, you lose.