Saturday, March 28, 2015

Open Letter to the Adjutant General of Washington State

We implore you to do your duty as a free man, as an American, and as an officer. But make no mistake—regardless of your decision, ours is already made.


Anonymous said...

2A folks........"Stop Preaching to the choir."

This "Open Letter" will only be "Publicized/Played/Read/Made out as" A THREAT!!!
Do you expect MSM Supporting Coverage? Really??

For gods sake .. DHS and FBI turn to SPLC!!!
WTF!!! Thats the mentality of them

BUNDY was NOT A WIN!! , it was a Calculated Political/Tactical Retreat directed by DC!
It WILL NOT happen twice!!

We are Penetrated like a Groupie by the Roadcrew then the Band, then the hangers on!!
It's called a LE GANGBANG!!!
History... read it!! Past LE Action Reports, read them!!

And our accomplishments will be 100% ZERO...Sadly

Proof-History, Modern History!!!!
Frankly, the average (gun) person, is a Fucking Idiot, and is obsessed with "preaching to the choir"....
And the average Dolt that Hates us could careless of the nations birth history. There no free stuff to be had there.

Doubt me?... Go into a gun shop thats busy and JUST LISTEN!! LISTEN!!!!!!
With friends like these "We do not need Enemies!!"

Modern History is important, if You Can't win sweepingly when 70++ people are incinerated on national TV, or Federal Agents and A Federal Sniper(who hides like a bitch) are allowed to Assassinate a Child , a Mother with a baby in her arms... All We Have is a Handfull of Dog Shit, and i aint partial to that!!

GOA, NRA, JPoF, and "all the others" are not going to ride in and save the day. Doubt it?
Pay attention to your/our friends "Family Needs Now" .. Humans are funny that way.. NOW, it affects alot.

If this goes south and I expect it will.. It's in WA. and DC's best interest to by the way.
If you can't figure it... Well, "That Gun Owner" i refered to earlier..... Mmmm

FACT-Expect Sweeping National Gun control on a level unseen, Quickly and Clandestinly.

Time is needed!!!!!
They have Penetrated 2A, On a HUGE level.

Think about that. We are Fully Penetrated!!

How would the US Govt React if the Taliban/AQ or others Fully and Completely Penetrated U.S. Govt and All its Agencies.

PO'd American said...

Appropriately stated. Nothing more to say. Let's see if this "officer" has any honor.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous March 28, 2015 at 1:44 PM, you start your sermon with "stop preaching to the choir"? Its about as stupid as your apparent obsession with being penetrated. You and other timid souls seem to be missing the point completely of what these people are doing. So until you man up and put your own chips on the table, how about you do those who have the dice in their hands a solid and pipe down.

Anonymous said...

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds."

Death before slavery!

Anonymous said...

One quick note, while I fully support your right to openly carry as outlined in the law, you don't represent me. The letter starts out, "we the people of the state of Washington" and that's not accurate. Matter of fact there are enough people who completely disagree that I-594 passed with a fair margin.

So, in the future, you can say you represent yourselves but don't elevate yourself to representing me because you don't.

Oh, and no one is out to get you so relax.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and as an aside, I have a ton of respect for the moderator of this site for allowing different opinions to be heard. It is that spirit of open debate that is too often missing these days.


Kit Lange said...

To the reader who would rather that we not count him when referring to the "People of Washington State":

Your refusal to stand up and be counted does not change the fact that your rights are being violated on a daily basis. Your apparent indifference to your chains does not negate their existence.

Whether you support us or not doesn't matter. We are representing you, because you are a human being who was born free.

If, as John Stewart Mill wrote, you instead choose to be kept free by the exertions of better men, then so be it.


Anonymous said...

Again, I respectfully disagree.

First, I have read the bible, cover to cover, and there is zero reference to the possession of a gun as being a 'right' given to anyone by God. We have a fundamental difference of opinion as to that issue.

Second, my reading of constitution leads me to believe that to the extent it grants a right it's for the purposes of a militia to defend the state's citizens so I disagree with the Supreme Court's opinions in Heller and McDonald that created an individual right outside the home. Someone said in a comment that they don't believe the Supreme Court to be the ultimate arbiter of right versus wrong so if that's true it places those fundamental ruling in doubt as well. You can't have it both ways.

I also don't believe that reasonable gun control in an era where we have so many people living so closely packed together equals some fundamental constitutional infringement.

Furthermore, the idea that in this day and age we can have unchecked governmental oppression simply reflects an unrealistic view of our political system that may be motivated by bias, cognitive dissonance or just a lack of information about how this truly works.

So no, your movement does not represent me. Look, you suffer from a fundamental misunderstanding of what I am saying. I don't want to take away your guns, I don't want to disarm you, I just don't think that making sure that before you buy an object that can, say, take the lives of 27 children and teachers at an elementary school, it would make sense to make sure you don't have a track record of criminal behavior, mental illness or domestic violence is unreasonable. I also fail to understand why if it's ok to undergo the background check at Wall Mart it's not ok to do so at the fair.

There are also countless people both here and abroad who would favor a completely disarmed society gun wise and who trust in their elected officials not to abuse their power. Say what you want about them, but I can be pretty sure you don't represent them either.

Anywho, I am totally for your right to express your opinion, I completely agree that the political reality is that you're not going to get disarmed likely ever, just don't claim to carry the water for me because you don't is all I am saying.

In my line of work, words have meaning and you can't use your personal viewpoints to change the meaning of words to fit your particular narrative. I guess more realistically I should say you shouldn't because clearly you do.

If it helps, I like shooting too and while I don't own a handgun and don't plan on it, I like that I live in a place that tolerates (and always will) different opinions.

Have a great Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:13; Methinks we can agree on one thing;

"I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."

Maybe the death part is a bridge too far for you but not I.

As Cicero wrote "we are born for Justice, and that right is not based, not upon opinions, but upon Nature."

If you read John Locke you will find that his understanding of Natural rights was "life, liberty, and estate" this should sound familiar I hope.

There is a difference between Natural rights and legal rights, the latter which is given to a person by man & his government(King) and the prior are rights that are unalienable (given by our creator), of which Thomas Jefferson referred to in our Declaration; "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness": (something previously defined by Locke and others). George Mason referred to it when he gave us out 9th amendment of the Bill of Rights.

So the question remains how can you have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness if you can not defend those inalienable rights against men and King (government)?

And that is why we have a 2nd amendment. So the 2nd amendment you see isn't really about guns as it is more about "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness".

Under man and king (government) I can be made a slave but within my soul I will always be free because of the natural rights given to me by my creator! And thus I have the right to fight for and to defend such rights;

Death before slavery!

Comrade X

Anonymous said...

The Cicero quote should have said; "we are born for Justice, and that right is based, not upon opinions, but upon Nature."

Death before slavery!

Comrade X