Tuesday, March 24, 2015

3 Reasons Ted Cruz Could Win

Now, this isn’t to say Cruz’s path is a clear one. Historically, outsider conservative candidacies like his are not very successful. But it’s clear he believes he’ll be the exception, and not without good reason. The traditionally powerful factions of the Republican Party have less control than they used to. What’s also clear is that his campaign is likely to be one of the most aggressive of all of those who are playing with the idea of running. He’ll go after the other candidates directly and have no hesitation about causing trouble. It’s the sort of thing that endears him to the right, but may make him a lot of enemies in the process – but when has Ted Cruz cared about that? He’s Sonny Corleone, and he’s here for a fight.


Anonymous said...

And all of it without a teleprompter. My, my, my.

No wonder the media is scared shitless.

Jimmy the Saint said...

"He's Sonny Corleone, and he's here for a fight."

Uh...pretty sure things didn't turn out too well for Sonny Corleone. He lost, and he lost in very dramatic fashion.

Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney won the primary because A) his loss in Iowa was covered up and B) he was ruthless in targeting other GOP candidates. Like a good little democrat with a (R) behind his name, he did NOT attack Obama or democrats during the general election that same way.

That's where Cruz is different. He will do so throughout- to all comers AND he will fully qualify his opposition attacks by not only explaining his opponents failure but also explaining his alternative solutions.

Cruz has enough of his own money so he's not going to be bought. He's a studied lawyer so he's not going to be steamrolled by litigation intimidation. Were he to have Hillary style skeletons in his closet we would have already heard about them because the left AND right fear him and what he represents. Yes the press will be endlessly negative about all things Cruz but eventually he will be on stage in debates - and in the primary and the general he will clean the clocks of every one standing (along with those sitting in moderation).

Ted Cruz will be the next president and he will be victorious in Reagan like fashion - landslide.
The question is not whether he wins, the question is whether he will actually do what he promises to gain that victory.

I liken out situation to a dump site where ancient and dangerous ordnance has been stored, just added to for decades because of a fear of the damage done to detonate it. Nobody wants to touch any of it because it all might go off- so the problem just gets bigger.

Cruz is going to basically advocate the common sense. Yes it's gonna be a big explosion but the choice is clear - a big detonation now on our terms as we are prepared to light it off and to clean up the mess OR we ignore the problem only to see it get bigger and eventually go off when we aren't prepared. Then he wins and he pushed the button - and THEN we as Americans can finally get on with our own lives - as the political class cries in their beer about having to rebuild the ammo dump to hold over the heads of its enemies (they aren't smart enough to just let it go as their appetites for other people's liberty is insatiable.

Anonymous said...

God, Guns and Goldman! Yea Red Team! Keep voting.

Anonymous said...

Bull! Reagan was a conservative outsider. Won two landslides back to back. When true conservatism is on the ballot, it wins every damn time.

Millwright said...

Mr. Cruz, the candidate, has "thrown his hat into the ring" with class demonstrating a stage "presence" not seen since Ronald Reagan. His "Imagine" keynote did - and will - strike sympathetic chords with many disparate groups. And he's already disarmed many critics with an adroit precis' of his family history even "new birthers" are going find difficult to surmount.

But, alas, I don't see his candidacy succeeding. If there's one thing both the GOP and DNP mavens agree upon, its neither wants anyone on the national stage with broad voter appeal. We have only to look at what happened to Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

Ted can win for a few reasons:

-He's already proven he can win an election
-He is fearless, and will not alter his message
-He is the closest thing to Reagan since Reagan, and that boy was a huge victor
-Because of his Reaganite breeding, coming from behind is NOT an issue
-Consistency in a fighter, with good form and morals, is treasured by many
-Taking the political stage like Patton took German heads is the act of a "winner"