Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cops as road pirates -- Again.

"An hour later, the deputy seized Sanchez-Ratliff's cash. Despite a clean criminal record and a search that turned up no sign of drugs or other illegal activity, the deputy concluded the money must somehow be linked to a crime."


Anonymous said...

"Deputy concludes". With a two digit IQ, the conclusion he arrives at is questionable!

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to me a few years ago. It was all I had. The experience completely changed my feelings towards LE. Not in a good way either. When this happens, you have no rights. It is a civil matter and you need to hire a lawyer to represent you. The problem is that most lawyers don't want to represent you against the police. If you do find someone who will represent you it is very expensive . Not worth the cost and time.

Sedition said...

Thieves, whether wearing a badge or not, should be shot on sight.
Armed robbery is armed robbery no matter what clothes you wear or job you have.

Anonymous said...

That's why we all need cameras now.

Anonymous said...


Ed said...

Armed robbery. Identify all the legislators who passed the enabling legislation and recall them. Same with the Governor who signed the legislation.

Anonymous said...

Perception is not the law, an armed robbers come in all flavors. When the robber is wearing a badge and "just doing their job" search an org that makes it their past time, dealing with this type of trash.

Anonymous said...

A common occurrence in the legal sections of newspapers serving towns on the border, or elsewhere in the state.

"US vs $12,388.09" and "US vs 2013 Buick, VIN # ............." or similar can be found each day.

It violates citizens rights to be secure in their property. The war on drugs has turned into a money making scheme. In some agencies, goals are set, seizures are posted, and woe to the last one on the list.

Governments have turned to lax civil law, from forfeitures to traffic tickets, in order to obtain money that has not been approved by voters.

Seizures should only occur in criminal cases, where a much greater burden of proof must be met.

Anonymous said...

Steal 19K from me and see how long you are still breathing.

Anonymous said...

the Inquisition got a new lease on life once asset forfeiture became a standard practice. - http://olegvolk.net/blog

Anonymous said...

"A system of legalized thievery" asks
the Des Moines Register.

Yes, it is.

The MSM has been noticing this in the
past couple of years, e.g. an article
in the New Yorker.

Throwing us a sop. Don't be fooled.
they're still hostiles