Saturday, March 21, 2015

Maybe the NFL's going to get into gunrunning.

ATF director Todd Jones joining NFL as ‘investigative counsel’


Anonymous said...

My sympathies to the football players, coaches, managers, and everyone else in the NFL.
Todd the Toad will run the NFL into fhe ground. He could f**k up a wet dream.

B Woodman

PO'd American said...

If he does 1/100th of his job description, he'll be very busy. Btw, who really cares?

bondmen said...

It's much more likely B. Toad Jones will be used by NFL officials to disarm new NFL recruits and advise seasoned players about the risks of gun play at their favorite clubs.

Anonymous said...

Time to write the NFL and tell them we ain't supporting or watching any organisation which employs the likes of him?

Or better, write their sponsors and advertisers?


Anonymous said...

NFL has certainly had some unsavory characters in their ranks lately.

With the money those stooges make, it will be difficult for Toad to turn them into informants.

My interest in NFL has suddenly evaporated. i wonder if there are enough sports to provide jobs for Barry's failed appointees?