Monday, March 30, 2015

"Enforcement light on Colo. gun restrictions."

Twenty months into implementation, Colorado's controversial gun-control laws are mostly unenforceable and have done little to nothing to attain bill sponsors' goals, according to gun rights advocates and statewide data.


Galaxie_Man said...

We are just shy of 2 years into the unconstitutional insanity here in Kommiecticut. I am pleased to report from behind the enemy lines that armed civil disobedience is alive and well. Unregistered gun transfers are occurring regularly between citizens. Compliance with existing laws prior to SB1160 of 2013 are now also being ignored. Evasion and smuggling continues unabated. At the moment, ammo sales only require you to DISPLAY a CT pistol permit or FID card to the cashier. Nothing is logged against you as to how much or what you are buying. Therefore, ammo sales are still brisk with plenty of inventory (except for the elusive .22LR), and even the on-line dealers will sell to you.

To my brothers and sisters in NY, NJ, MD, CO, and now WA......stay strong and vigilant. It's their move, and depending on what they do (if they do) there WILL BE thousands of armed III%'rs suddenly in that state to face the tyrants.

Anonymous said...

Galaxie Man,
my prayers are with all of you. Ohio to me is a bastion of freedom. Here we just had high capacity restrictions dropped. 40 and 100 rounders are now legal for the ranges.Here you can also hunt with suppressors. i might also ad that we have some genuinely good sherriffs departments too. Here people tend to know one another a bit better and and they seem to have a good grasp of the sworn duties. This being said many of us over here look with much anxiety and trepidation because there are those among us who will charge to the sound of the gunfire to help you. The powers that be had better fucking process that and do the math. Be of hard resolve and good cheer sir. We stand fast with you.
- The Bellevue Headhunter