Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Now THAT'S funny.

ATF grounds drone program as agents can’t maneuver them correctly, report says


Anonymous said...

It helps to have a triple digit IQ.

Anonymous said...

"Now that's funny right there I don't care who ya are!" -- apologies to Larry the Cable Guy.

Way back at the dawn of time, oh say, 1965 or so, my family got interested in "drones". But because we weren't enlightened yet by today's press and their ability to make words mean what they want them to mean, we called them Radio Controlled models.

Once a year, as part of the King Orange festivities attached to the Orange Bowl Game there was an international competition held at the old NAS Masters Field, now part of the Miami-Dade Community College north campus. People came literally from all over the world to compete in air races, pattern flying, scale carrier competition, and many other events. But if you went by today's press such things never happened.

You havent' lived right if you've never seen a 10 year old kid dog fight his semi-scale Fokker Dr-1 against a seagull and turn the aircraft inside the seagull's turn radius. That will definitely get a seagull's attention. Two young men in my CAPC squadron could hook the third wire on a scale Essex class carrier deck with their semi-scale F4U Corsair and F8F Bearcat in a way that would make any naval aviator proud.

Maybe the ATF should have hired a few kids for their "drone" program.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but that ain't all..

Some were the ATF's.

Anonymous said...

Next they will be claiming 'unauthorized' interference with their radio control signals ... Just sayin'