Monday, March 30, 2015

Another case of mistaken triumphalism. AWR Hawkins sez: "Haters Of Self-Defense Face Unrelenting Defeat Everywhere."

Try telling that to the folks living in fear of tyranny behind enemy lines in CT, CO, NY, MD and Wa state. Here's my comment to the author, AWR Hawkins:
Another case of mistaken triumphalism. Try telling that, AWR, to those folks who get up every morning in states now behind enemy lines like CT, CO, MD, NY and Washington state, not knowing if when they get home that the gun raids will have started. Try telling that to the practitioners of armed civil disobedience in those states who have declared publicly that they "Will Not Comply," putting themselves and their families on another government list. The only reason the raids haven't started is that the politicians who passed these laws are frightened of the personal consequences if they do. They truly don't know whether to defecate or go blind. Why don't you, instead of this blind optimism that is obviously occasioned by your own personal distance from the problem,, give some ink to the brave men and women who are engaged in this armed civil disobedience campaign behind enemy lines?


Anonymous said...

Good point Mike. I doubt the author will see the issue through the lens of the partisans.

Anonymous said...

I live in Maryland and I certainly don't have any "fear of tyranny". That's overblown by a vocal minority.

TdB said...

I lived in MarXyland for "a minute". If if you can't see it's the See Eye Aye's highly advanced pilot project for Stasi Amurika, lay off the Koolaid.

George Pace said...

Mike, please include Hawaii in your listings of states "behind enemy lines". We have NO CCW here. Yeah, the law says it MAY be granted in an "exceptional case". Guess what... there have be 4 (four) exceptional cases in the past 15 years IN THE ENTIRE STATE. It's likely those licenses have not been renewed, so there is probably not one single legal CCW in the entire state at this time.

We have full registration, photos and fingerprinting, for all guns, including "unussable, unserviceable antiques". There is a ban on "assault pistols" and handgun magazines over 10 round capacity. You have to go to the police station three (3) times, Monday through Friday, 9 Am to 3 PM, to purchase a handgun. Etc. It's as bad or worse than anywhere else. Please don't leave us out of your worst of the worst lists. Talk about tryanny.