Saturday, March 28, 2015

Just in time for the NRA convention: The Waynermobile and his trusty sidekick SmallCox.


Anonymous said...




Have become very Wealthy with there deciet and Traitorous Behavior.
There alluring sound bites are right off Madison Ave, New Yanker City

Anonymous said...

Could that tiny weiner wagon be called a John Boner?

Anonymous said...

And yet you need a ride and/or lodging at The NRA Annual Meetings in Nashville. Why don't you just join the anti-gun protesters in Nashville? That may be where you belong. Why the hell do you want to go to The NRA's annual meetings, since you're so much against them? You do use your voice, but it comes out of both sides of your mouth. I think you're just jealous, because The NRA has more influence to preserve Amendment II than all the other pro-gun organizations combined. Hooray for The NRA! Also, to commenter number two: What is "there deciet? I think you mean "their deceit". Also, their should be used with "alluring sound bites". We definitely do need a better system of education, don't we?