Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Jeff Knox: The Biggest Threat to Our RKBA – Amnesty.

Wouldn’t it be a tragic irony if we allowed people coming here seeking freedom and individual rights, to be the death-blow to that dream?


Anonymous said...

The overarching threat to our right to keep and bear arms is the fact that far too many have been conned, intimidated and otherwise bullied into being too afraid to exercise those rights.

Factually speaking, those endlessly urging "compromise" and claiming "advancing" of rights via those behind closed doors deal making ventures are largely to blame for fomenting that threat- at least for playing a part in the outcome that is a population that tosses up its hands at the unnecessary complications deciding it just isn't worth it to endure the "qualifications" testing and what many view as a serious invasion of privacy to get their permission slips.

There does come a point when it must be asked of the "compromisers" - looking at the outcome of your efforts - just who's side are you really on?

See, if AMERICANS THEMSELVES are already convinced that they must submit to allowance permissions, it matters not if a few immigrants come or millions do....this because Americans will just teach them that it's a permission to beg for application rather than a right to be dutifully exercised.

Blaming the taught to absolve the teachers might make some more comfortable but it's just plain avoidance of the base problem. It's time the compromisers get the "credit" they are due, you see, because it is they MOST responsible on this point. There will always be those who won't give up their guns no matter what and there will always be those who won't have one ever...along with those in between. Those in the "middle" CHOSE and continue to CHOOSE to side WITH those who DEFY the plain enumeration - SHALL NOT BE infringed. That's what their "compromise" is - violating the SHALL NOT enumeration.

If Americans don't hold the line at what the Cobstitition SAYS, how the hell does one make the jump to claiming those not even here yet constitute the threat?

Ok fair enough... Millions of people coming here are inclined to vote for those promising free stuff and those are the same ones who make up the grabbers BUT that amounts to talking about the WHAT IF all while ACTUAL ASSAULTS are ONGOING NOW. That strikes me as a huge cop out attempting to avoid dealing with what's actually happening now. Electioneering it is - as opposed to solving the real problems.

Scott Alfter said...

>Wouldn’t it be a tragic irony if we allowed people coming here seeking freedom and individual rights, to be the death-blow to that dream?

It's worse than that. They're not coming here seeking freedom and individual rights. They're coming here to join the Free Sh*t Army. They couldn't care less about gun rights or any other rights, so long as the freebies keep rolling in. That makes them potentially even more dangerous.