Monday, March 23, 2015

Penn and Neeson flops show audiences shunning anti-gun ‘geri-action’ heroes

Sean Penn’s heavily-advertised “The Gunman” had a disastrous opening weekend, “bombing” with only a $5 million take, Box Office Mojo reported Sunday. Also fizzling is Liam Neeson’s “Run All Night,” which opened March 13, and has pulled in a tepid $19.7 million to date.


Anonymous said...

Sean has ALWAYS been a Libtard, gungrabbing, jerk and an asshole. And a poor "actor" besides.
And Liam shot hisself in the foot last month when he opined about guns in the US vs the-former-now-not-so-Great-Britain.

And Hollywierd STILL won't take the hint to make conservative family movies. Do ya think they ever will before they crash and burn?

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

The last movie I saw at the theater was Saving Private Ryan. I won't waste my time or money for some crap from Penn. Some studio just wasted their money if they expect me to come to watch & PAY.

Anonymous said...

gee, Mike, I thought you were a geri-action hero?!

(Me, too)

Anonymous said...

I agree heartily with the idea that if enough pro 2A people boycotted a particular anti-liberty actor, that would send a loud message.

I nominate Daniel Craig.

First of all, it would be a hard target but one very worth taking down- he is, after all, the Bond of late. Managing to disrupt the Bond franchise over the hypocrisy of anti gun liberal actors making money portraying armed heroes would be a HUGE THING.

Of course, I know that Craig isn't the only anti- gun Bond to blight the series, and while thats sad all by itself, I believe Craig is particularly odious because of his portrayal as Tuvia Bielski in the movie Defiance, about a Jewish anti-N az i partisan group that uses -firearms- to save over 1,000 Jewish lives.

The movie starts with Craig as Tuvia armed only with a handgun.

What was it Craig had to say about handguns in private hands?

Its not worth remembering, but to state the obvious- you'd think after portraying an armed anti-N a z i partisan who defied not only the "final solution" and SAVED LIVES WITH GUNS, A HISTORICAL FACT; but also bore arms in direct -DEFIANCE- of the N a zi regimes odious laws prohibiting Jews from owning arms in the first place- he'd have learned a thing or two about what "gun control" was really all about.

I suppose an actual historical understanding of the person your portraying and the circumstances that lead to their being important enough to make a movie about them doesn't fit into the job description in hollyweird anymore.

So- again, if anyone consequential on the side of liberty wants to actually start a boycott to send a loud message to hollyweird proggies about how they need to stop with the hypocrisy of filming themselves with firearms but simultaneously hating the right of the common person to keep and bear them, again I nominate Daniel Craig, for what my own opinion is worth.

Firearms save lives.

In the case of the Beilski partisans, their use by Jewish Resistance saved over 1,000.

Yet Daniel Craig is in denial of this reality, as well as the reality that the N a z i regime directly targeted Jews with "gun control" before acting on their "final solution".

You'd think Craig would know this after his portrayal of one of the most famous and celebrated Jewish partisans.

He, above all other hollyweird hypocrites, is the lowest of the low, in my ever so humble opinion.

And yet he sits on a high horse as the most recent James Bond.


Anonymous said...

May I suggest this -

Me thinks that these two jokers are in need of a delivery of a couple political class grade magazines along with a colorful musing or two about where they can insert them.....

Anonymous said...

I've never liked Penn and as for Neeson, I liked him a lot, liked his movies too but my personal boycott became automatic when he started shooting his mouth off.

Anonymous said...

There ARE conservatives in Hollywood. I don't understand why they don't just get backing from other prominent conservatives and start their own conservative version of Hollywood..... Where decent movies would be made. I'm telling ya, Hollywood would collapse in upon itself.