Monday, March 30, 2015

Need an extra mag or two for Zoe's .45 Star PD

Factory mags being "unobtanium", does anybody have experience with these aftermarkets?


prambo said...

Not sure of the "rep" of Triple K. Know that if Pro-Mag made one I wouldn't touch it. Checkec Mec-Gar - no joy.

Found a number on eBay (not my favorite place either, but they do have stuff) - some original ($80-$100 ea - yowza, Boss!!) and some after market by D&E, whom I've never heard off.

Do you prefer the 6 or 10 round?; most I see are eBay are 6 rd.

Numrich has 6 rd factory mags (

I'll keep an eye out, and put the word out to friends here who may have access to large stocks of such stuff.

Curmudgeon said...

Anonymous said...

No problem with the ones I got for my brother's, but watch the safety. It has a tendency of being pushed on during recoil and jamming the slide prior to returning to battery. It might just be our big hands but it has happened too frequently to be his EDC.

prambo said... (South Africa - ???)

Site for Star (

Thread on Triple K (

Since Wolff ( makes extra power springs for the PD, maybe that might help in function of some aftermearket mags.

prambo said... ($95 - !!)

Anonymous said...

I have an aftermarket mag for mine and it works fine. Factory mags are impossible to find for that piece, but it is a very good piece. I think my PD would feed wad cutters. Anything always feeds well in it.

Torque said...

Not familiar with the Magazine reputation. Though, while looking over YouTube and comments about the PD, it appears that these may be a good idea to have on the shelf too...

(Star PD Buffers)

Anonymous said...

PROMAG stands for Please Remember Our Magazines Are Garbage.

prambo said...

Knowledgable friend going to Knob Creek will keep an eye out for some while viewing the wares there, and on his Southern tour.