Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ares Armor chortles over B. Toad Jones departure.

"Under the tenure of B. Todd Jones, the ATF seemed to have a carry and conceal permit for Obama’s assault on the Second Amendment."


Anonymous said...

So, the new guy most recently ran the Phoenix ATF office? During "Fast and Furious"?

Uncle Elmo said...

Anonymous beat me to it. I thought I recognized the name 'Brandon' from F&F. It figures he would be named as new ATF director. Just another in your face to the 3% of the American people that know what's going on.

What's next? Nominating Lois Lerner to head IRS?

Anonymous said...

"Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss". "We don't get fooled again"!

PO'd American said...

Gotta hide him in plain sight. Don't expect anything to change; if he had any real honor he wouldn't be working for the ATF.

Anonymous said...

The factual answer to their question regarding who's next is ....wait for it ....nobody! Obama and his democrats WANT to return to the blame game - against congress. They want to complain and whine about the ATF being ineffective BECAUSE those obstructionist republicans just refuse to confirm the nominee (see lynch game plan for justice too). Meanwhile, the "acting" head literally gets away with operational murder - because of some imaginary contrived line of "oversight" that doesn't SUPPOSEDLY extend to "career" employees.

Ya know how progs bastardize the meanings of words? Those peckers have fundamentally transformed "oversight" from overseeing as a check to AN oversight as in looking PAST whatever happens and doing nothing about any of it.

Folks think they were successful in shutting down the 855 ban.... But if that was true then those same people MUST then be able to shut down the ATF and the rest of the gun control. But they don't and aren't because those in control -both dem and rep- don't care one bit what anyone says or writes. They just play like they do.

Ask yourselves this -
Why are REPUBLICANS funding the ATF?
Blatantly UNCONSTITUTIONAL from the first letter! Alcohol. The power over booze was expressly given and then expressly taken away by constitutional amendment!!! Yet gubmint still claims controlling power? Really?!

Check it out. Those inanimate objects are all used to SCARE Americans to create a "need" to "regulate" them, to CONTROL them via economics, for "safety". Yeah right. The ATF makes us all "safer" huh?

Pubbies FUND the ATF because eliminating it erodes if not destroys the false premise upon which the commerce control rests. It belittles the effectiveness of the FEAR card.

Foolish Fudds cheer their "win" about 855, as other ammo remains "banned" under that exact same "law". That law based on the false premise of ban rights for safety! By claiming a "win" instead of continuing to arise and apply daily pressure, all the FUDDS prove is that they are easily fooled and more easily placated by the tiniest perception of false hope and fake victory.

Rights, not limited to arms, LOST, again, because people just now right down again after they are told they "won"....

Fuck the NRA and the Republican Party. They lie just as much or more than Democrats. Hell at least the democrats are honest about their means to their ends - they call it what is...they SAY what they support CONTROL!

Pray that Americans Awaken.