Friday, March 20, 2015

"The right to carry doesn't give right to go looking for trouble."

Various letters to the editor.


Sean said...

Interesting to note that the left refers to exercising your Constitutional rights as "extremism". I imagine that if they're on the verge of losing an election, or Congress not going for their brand of communism, or if someone were to refuse to quarter soldiers without due process, they will call that "extremism" too. The main complaint seems to be that Nixon did not do anything threatening, but that they apprehensively condemned him for not fulfilling their socialist dreams.

Anonymous said...

I'm not familiar with the incident in question, so it is difficult to respond, except about the newspaper's comments.

Many appear supportive, but question the man repeatedly walking in front of a school with a rifle. Usually, if someone is carrying a rifle,he is on parade, or traveling to use it.

When I was in school, the man's actions wouldn't have raised an eyebrow. The collectivists have the general public so scared, that the sight of a rifle or pistol in public is liable to at least result in a flurry of 911 calls, and the dispatch of often malevolent officials, who often do not know the law.

It is unfortunate to have to support poor judgment, but if he wasn't doing anything wrong, he was within his rights.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately we have never had a shortage of people with more balls than brains.

Like Mr. Miyagi said: "Barrance, Daniel San! All things barrance!