Friday, March 27, 2015

Anniversary: 27 March 1836. The Goliad Massacre

"Well, gentlemen! In eight days, home and liberty!"
Shackleford's Red Rovers were among the slaughtered prisoners. It is said that in the aftermath of Goliad, every planter family in the Tennessee Valley of Alabama went into mourning, having lost sons and fathers to Mexican perfidy.
Here is Captain Jack Shackelford's Account.

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Anonymous said...

time and again history tells us what surrender to tyrants results in. For me, i have a copy of the flag used in the war of 1812 (supposedly) in Champlain NY by a militia made up of old folks called "Veterans Exempt"; meaning they fought in the Revolution and because of age were not required to fight in 1812. It's a black background, with a skull and crossbones among the words "Don't Tread on Me" and "Thy Will Be Done". The meaning of a black flag with skull is quite specific - it means I'll give no quarter and I expect no quarter. Seeing i'm probably of the same age group who originally flew that flag I understand it perfectly. I'm too old to pussy-foot around and hope surrender will get me some POW camp and maybe I'll survive it and have a life when this is over. No. There's only one place i'm going at this stage of the game, so it's either you or me; and you better have packed a lunch and kissed your kids this morning 'cause we're gonna be here for awhile. I've had a good life, I hope my enemy can say the same.