Friday, March 27, 2015

Police Raid Small Family Farm, Charge Family, Seize Animals Because they were Free Range.

The irony here is that the state will lock you in a cage for filming the horrific atrocities at a factory farm while simultaneously trumping up ridiculous and petty violations if you aren’t a factory farm. Just who does the state “protect” by doing these things?


Anonymous said...

Welcome to "The Vampire State" (used to be the Empire State), where everyone gets the blood sucked out of them until they are a walking zombie and Satanic royalty wearing capes and bow-ties run the show..And don't let your children anywhere near the castle...

Anonymous said...

It's not a "who" they are protecting - it's a "what". Non factory farms threaten the very core of governments ill gotten power! That's where it all truly got started.
SLAUGHTERHOUSE cases. Folks would be horrified if they took the time to see how much of our liberty was snatched over milk, meat and poultry.

This is just like raids on raw milk farms and cheese producers. What's threatened by from factory farming is simple. Free farming leads to free commerce in other business and we just caaant be having that now, can we?

Anonymous said...

YEas...Zombies are real.
They just don't look like Hollywoods
Chances are you know some, reproduced with one, love some, spawned some, hell even invite them over.

"There vote" and "the internet" feed them

There Real.

Crotalus said...

FTM. Follow the money. The big factory farm has the money, the little free range farm has little money. Big farm resents little farm filming its practices, and sics the government on the little farm. Money buys the raid and bogus charges. That's really what this is about.

Anonymous said...

"Just who does the state "protect" by doing these things?"

Well duh!

The state protects itself. That's what states do when left to themselves. Now here's a question for you. It may be just a little harder than the one you asked.

How would the state be acting if it's citizens cared enough to be as involved in the state's functioning as they are in say.... their NCAA March Madness brackets?

See, once upon a time in this very United States a politician who acted like say, oh, Harry Reid, would be seized by a mob, tarred and feathered...and well... you know the drill.

Know any politicians who could use some tar and feathers?

How many have you personally tarred and feathered?

Well.... There's your answer!