Friday, March 27, 2015

Zimmerman statement coverage highlights media shallowness

Through “sins of omission” or just being unaware, the press keeps information from reaching all who rely on them as their major sources for “popular” news and opinions. Perhaps those who do depend exclusively on "Authorized Journalists" deserve what they get, but their votes cancel out those of the better informed and more involved, and that’s something those in power are counting on.


Anonymous said...

There is no "sin of omission" or any other type of "slip-up" by so-called mainstream journalists. They actively follow the orders given them by their collectivist bosses. Which in turn makes none of them "innocents" as per the three percent code. They are the fifth column for an enemy hell bent on destroying the last vestiges of individualism

Anonymous said...

Interesting isn't it? Media goes off for years about this guy but goes all hush hush when Holder has to admit that he didn't do anything wrong to start with.

I have yet to see any reporting on one particular fact.

Has anyone seen anything demonstrating that Zimmerman got his property back as the JUDGE ordered? Specifically asking - did Zimmerman get his GUN back yet?